Streamline move for new Ross Video MAM system

Streamline, Ross Video’s new media asset management solution for graphics, is now available for general release. Built on top of the web technology platform, Streamline is a web-based software product that integrates with the Ross XPression graphics system, and allows users to attach assets to graphic templates via a simple drag and drop workflow. The software also offers a variety of asset metadata allowing users to easily organise and search their graphics, reducing the effort required to find and reuse content between productions.

Robust reporting tools provide up-to-the-second data visualisation of any metrics in the workflow process. Insights can be used to better allocate resources to the areas of greatest overall benefit to the organisation. Streamline reporting allows monitoring of details like order types, deadlines, ordering trends, most ordered asset types, cycle times and more.

It also provides the ability to manage and prioritise graphics production through its order management system. The system offers placeholder workflows for graphics that, when fulfilled by the art department, are automatically delivered by Streamline into the XPression template and ready to air.

“Asset management is a central hub in production workflow today,” said Jeff Moore, executive VP of Sales and Marketing. “Given our diverse product portfolio, investing in a revolutionary asset management system with strong workflow and integration between Ross’ many product lines is going to be a huge benefit for our customers. The name ‘Streamline’ is a natural fit for what we’re striving to accomplish in this space.”

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