SVG Europe welcomes EVS as its latest Platinum Sponsor

SVG Europe is pleased to announce that EVS has joined the group as a Platinum Sponsor. In 1994, EVS revolutionised sports broadcasting with the world’s first ever slow motion replay produced from a video server, and since then, the Belgian company has pioneered the development of tapeless solutions for live and near-live sports productions offering faster and greater access to content.

Currently, EVS provides a full range of integrative products designed to increase the value of sports content produced from various setups.

Outside/Remote Broadcasting

With their unique loop recording technology and Multicam LSM software, EVS’ XT series servers have continually set the pace in terms of speed, precision and reliability. Outside broadcast producers and facility companies have come to rely on EVS technology for the production of live events requiring a high performance level for the acquisition of multiple camera feeds, instant production operations such as: Live Slow Motion, Super Motion, Ultra Motion replays, the insertion of analytical graphics on live programs as well as on the fly highlights creations.

Studio Broadcast Centre

EVS provides maximum efficiency for demanding programming such as sports production where deadlines are extremely tight. EVS’ integrated solutions offer a robust and blazing fast method to record, edit and play back countless number of hours of game coverage and post-game interviews required for live shows or sports programming. Intuitive tools enable all clips to be logged and stored, allowing any producer or editor instant access to all online and nearline media. EVS systems can be tailored to your specific workflow needs, integrating other departments for the repurposing or the post-production of any type of content at any given time.

Host Broadcasting

EVS gained its current status by offering host broadcasters reliable and innovative technology that allows a delivery of world class coverage of flagship events, as well as new experiences bringing viewers closer to the action. Captured on Ultra Motion systems, live 3D productions and images have increased the thrill of watching televised sporting events which are considered as stepping stones pioneered by EVS technology.

Sporting Arenas

Today’s sporting arenas are continuously evolving to maximize match day entertainment as well as increase the engagement of fans, attendees and sponsors. As a result, EVS has developed cost-effective solutions; such as fill and key graphic insertions, playback control and live editing packages for onscreen visual content.

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