The Broom Wagon: Wimbledon 2011 – updated

A new feature where we collate all the late-breaking stories and press releases about big tournaments and events into one story. GlobeCast delivers 3D Wimbledon for IMG. IVC is back at Wimbledon. MOOV aces through Wimbledon with Chyron.


01/07/11 – GlobeCast delivers 3D Wimbledon for IMG

GlobeCast will deliver four key matches, the men’s semi-finals, the women’s final, and the men’s final to broadcasters around the world. Working closely with IMG and their 3D producers, GlobeCast will deliver a side-by-side 3D signal to multiple satellite platforms for Europe, Asia, and the Americas, providing the necessary frame rate and line rate as applicable for the Americas market.

Mervyn Hall of the AELTC said, “Wimbledon 2011 is the 125th championship that the AELTC hosts. Thanks to GlobeCast and IMG’s collaboration, viewers can experience the feeling and excitement of the court side seats on 3D enabled television from the comfort of their home.”


01/07/11 – IVC is back at Wimbledon

Systems integrator IVC Media is back at Wimbledon this year, supplying support services for its TV and signage distribution system.

“IVC Media was originally associated with the All England Lawn Tennis Club way back in 1995 when the company installed the original analogue video over CAT 5 structured cabling and RF over coax,” explains John Smith, managing director of IVC Media. “Since then, in 2007, the club worked with us to implement new IPTV technology across their updated high speed data network and each year we have staff on site to support all the TV distribution of the whole tournament.”

“Where realtime coverage is required for commentary booths a Mediastar system works alongside the IPTV system,” continues Smith. “RF and IPTV distribution of channels to public/private areas within ground include the referees’ tower, commentary boxes, debentures area, changing rooms, AELTC offices and press areas. The signage display system in Centre Court and Court No.1 debentures area currently provides up-to-date information via web pages, which show live play within a video window alongside latest news and an RSS feed. During the championships a total of more than a thousand displays of various types are in constant use throughout the complex.”

Back at IVC’s Yeovil base, the company is also currently working closely with Sony and Exterity to test a 3D system across an IPTV network for possible future broadcasts to corporate guests at Wimbledon.


05/07/11 – MOOV aces through Wimbledon with Chyron

MOOV used Chyron’s HyperX3 on-air graphics systems to support the BBC’s studio programming at the 2011 Wimbledon Championships. Over the two weeks of play at London’s All England Club, the Chyron systems enabled the playout of dynamic 3D-intensive graphics, which MOOV kept current and engaging with the integration of real-time match statistics and the incorporation of live video elements.

“The BBC’s rebranded style was the most important change for this year’s coverage, and Chyron’s graphic systems provide the power necessary to support a new package of visually rich and data-heavy graphics,” said Duncan Foot, managing director at MOOV Limited. “We worked closely with Chyron to ensure a smooth flow of live data and scores into sophisticated on-air graphics, and this partnership made for few issues and a less stressful fortnight.”

The company has provided on-air graphics for Wimbledon for the past seven years, but this is the first time the company has relied solely on Chyron graphics equipment. Three HyperX3 systems — along with a graphics control interface engineered by MOOV — supported the BBC domestic feed, and another HyperX3 system supplied by MOOV supported graphics for ESPN STAR Sports.

During the tournament, the graphics created by MOOV were incorporated into all production outside of live tennis. Graphics enriched segments highlighting action in other matches and live scores across the tournament, as well as opening titles, interviews, trailers, and promos. MOOV created an event-specific interface to connect live data — scores, draws, order of play — from the tournament’s IBM scoring system to Chyron graphics playout. In addition to supporting live updates, the Chyron systems allowed MOOV to use headline sequences in which video from a match point could be shown with a full-screen graphic in real time using live video and requiring no rendering. Operators were able to run multiple such headlines in succession.

“Wimbledon has been among the world’s preeminent sporting events since the first tournament was held 125 years ago,” said Michael Wellesley-Wesley, Chyron president and CEO. “We’re pleased that our on-air graphics systems are playing a critical role now as MOOV brings this classic event — with a sharp new look — to today’s professional men’s and women’s tennis fans.”

NB: The Broom Wagon is, of course, the van at the back of any road cycling race which sweeps the course and into which many a sprinter climbs as the race hits the steep stuff.

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