Vislink launches world’s first COFDM 5G mesh aerial downlink solution with AeroLink

Vislink has released the AeroLink transceiver, a new addition to its Airborne Video Downlink System (AVDS).

“We are excited to announce the debut of AeroLink,” said Mickey Miller, Vislink CEO. “We designed it from the ground up to deliver the immediate, clear and reliable video communications that are essential requirements of public safety organisations, military and government agencies, and news and sports broadcasters. AeroLink is truly a first-of-its-kind solution to provide outstanding video quality, secure, full-duplex, real-time connectivity, extensive operating ranges and flexible support for COFDM, MESH and bonded cellular and 5G networks.”

He continued: “The combination of secure COFDM with public 5G or FirstNet connectivity enables the greatest agility for all first responders, news gathering organisations and defence agencies. We are confident that it will set the standard in air-to-ground communications in demanding operating environments.”

AeroLink is an aircraft-based unit that features an IP-based, fully bidirectional workflow and tight integration with other elements of the Vislink AVDS, including the Quantum Receiver. It is a lightweight, full-featured 4K or 2 x 1080p60 HEVC digital dual encoding video downlink solution built to address the demanding requirements of airborne operations.

The gains from HEVC technology enable superior quality video with reduced bandwidth for seamless, extended geographical coverage. Vislink’s dual encode HEVC system allows the transmission of multiple video services over the same signal. It provides bidirectional data transmission and includes an optional MANET (MESH) component as a node in an ad-hoc system. Notably, it incorporates a 5G transceiver that may be used as part of the 5G public infrastructure to ensure low-latency, broadcast-quality transmissions. AeroLink also includes key security features, such as advanced AES encryption and FIPS 140-2, and complies with all aircraft regulations.



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