Orad revamps MVP; Intros TD Control

Orad's MVP will be revamped at IBC

Orad’s newest product lineup at IBC in Amsterdam will feature TD Control, the new system designed for technical directors/switcher operators. The company says TD Control streamlines video box production workflows by consolidating video sources and graphics, delivering a single composited image to the switcher.

The breakthrough TD Control technology provides tremendous flexibility, including the ability to switch, while on air, from six video sources to six completely different video sources with one click of a button. Users have access to an assortment of video box layouts as well as the ability to create their own video box layouts and store them as a preset for fast recall.

Also look for new features for the MVP analysis tool, including virtual camera flights between two real cameras, erasing players from the field while the video is still running, viewing a play as it is drawn on the coach’s drawing board, comparing the position and technique of individual athletes, drawing a specific player in colour on top of a black and white background, breaking down a play into a sequence of frames to better analyze the player’s movements, and more.

Other products on display:

PowerPlay, a turnkey post-production solution for managing live sports productions. Capabilities include ingest and instant highlight editing integrated through a dedicated sports media asset management platform. PowerPlay is designed to provide a complete solution for large-scale sporting events, offering fast turnaround of content and advanced data management tools.

Also look for PlayMaker, Orad’s next-generation sports replay server, provides up to eight I/O channels of high quality ingest in multiple video formats, with synchronised slow motion replay, and powerful yet simple editing tools. PlayMaker facilitates file sharing between multiple servers and instant file export to Avid, FCP, Adobe Premiere, and other NLEs via standard Ethernet. New features for IBC include: enhanced events tagging and support for Avid’s DNxHD codec and cyclic recording.

In the area of media asset management, the iFind system provides users with the ability to manage the essential elements of a professional broadcast server, graphics and archive systems from a web browser. Powerful search, workflow and management functionality are available, which can be tailored to a station’s individual requirements in order to maintain a smooth day-to-day operation. Simple to use, the combination of the iFind user interface and rules engine produces a powerful workflow management system, the benefits of which can be quickly identified to bring a fast return on investment. The system’s iFind Asset Core is the powerful database that underpins the media asset management system, providing flexible, user configurable metadata schemas. In addition, advanced business rules-based and process-driven workflows enable essential functions such as archiving, restore from archive, clip movement and deletion.

And for radio sport networks looking to stream video of talent, RadioTV is a solution that visualises radio programming by broadcasting the radio talent, real-time 3D graphics and promos as a multi-camera production. RadioTV automated solution relies on unique audio detection software to identify the talent’s voice and determine which cameras should be on air. New for IBC is RadioTV’s clickable video, a unique feature that enables URL links to be embedded as hotspots inside the scene.

Other products include Interact (it enables presenters to control graphical content directly on their touch screens, video walls and other input devices, new features for Maestro (new graphics MAM system support, connection to social networks, integration to Quantel NLE, 3D transitions, support for MOS 2.8, videoEngine control, and SceneEdit2 to edit graphics during playout) and Morpho, a real-time, 3D character generator that offers unparalleled creation and playout capabilities from a single user interface.


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