Crafting The Narrative

Are you ready to explore the world of sports storytelling?

SVG Europe, in association with Ross Video, presents ‘Crafting the Narrative: The Art of Storytelling in Live Sports Production’.

Premiering here on Tuesday 30 January, this on-demand webinar will see industry experts unravelling the magic behind compelling sports broadcasts.

What is it about?

Our panel of creatives and technologists will delve into the intricacies of storytelling in sports broadcasting, exploring techniques such as capturing personal narratives, building rivalries, and creating dramatic arcs. Gain insights into how these strategies contribute to engaging audiences and elevating the sports viewing experience.

Who is speaking?

Panellists will include:

  • Jamie Oakford, Director
  • Andy Beale, Consultant
  • James Ransome, Business Development Manager, EMEA, Ross Video

What will I learn?

Techniques and Strategies Unveiled: Each panellist will share success stories from their own experiences, shedding light on how impactful storytelling moments have forged stronger audience connections.

Challenges Explored, Solutions Revealed: Learn from the best as our panellists address the challenges encountered in sports storytelling, from tight time constraints to unexpected outcomes.

Emerging Trends in Sports Storytelling: The conversation will then turn to the future of sports storytelling, exploring emerging trends and the integration of cutting-edge technology.