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Event Calendar 2020

SVG Europe Women winter networking event 2020

30 January 2020, BT Sport Studios, London
SVG Europe Women is returning to Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London for a special winter networking event in association with BT Sport and Timeline Television. The evening will include both networking and insightful seminar sessions. On the night, SVG Europe Women will also bestow the inaugural SVG Europe Women Achievement Award, recognising outstanding female accomplishments in sports broadcasting. Find out more

SVG Europe Women Virtual – Surviving lockdown and going remote

6 May 2020, 4pm (BST)
SVG Europe Women is now Virtual, bringing its locked down community together each month. Ruth Lilley, freelance sports content producer, will speak about her tumultuous year, titled ‘Survival: Life as a sports broadcasting freelance in the year of COVID-19’. Meanwhile, Roisin McKeniry, head of production technology at Timeline TV for BT Sport, will speak on ‘Innovation: Being part of BT Sport’s remote decentralised production’.

SVG Europe Women Virtual – In conversation with Barbara Slater, BBC Sport director

10 June 2020, 4pm (BST)
Director of BBC Sport, Barbara Slater, joins SVG Europe Women Virtual on Wednesday 10 June 2020. Slater will speak about where BBC Sport is right now as it puts together a strategy to safely bring back live sports production, in the session titled, ‘BBC Sport: Barbara Slater discusses the return to live sport in a post-lockdown world’.

SVG Europe Women Virtual – The return to working on live sport

16 July 2020, 4pm (BST)
Our guest speakers will be sharing their experiences of what it is like to be back to work in sports TV production in the stadiums and race tracks of Europe. We will hear from Mediapro’s Katarzyna Humska, production coordinator, on LaLiga’s return in Spain, Sky Sports News’ production manager, Victoria Rudling, on horse racing in the UK, and Telegenic unit manager, Chrissie Collins, on Premier League football for BT Sport, BBC Sport and Amazon.

SVG Europe Women Virtual Wellbeing – From overwhelm to clarity

13 August 2020, 10am (BST)
In our first Wellbeing event, titled, ‘From Overwhelm to Clarity: How to operate from a place of calm, clarity and common sense more of the time,’ special guest speaker, wellbeing and resilience coach Sarah Swanton will give you constructive, practical guidance on how to emotionally survive this difficult period we are now in, and how to move forward with skills that will help increase your strength and resilience every single day.

SVG Europe Women Virtual – Networking Uncovered

10 September 2020, 10am (BST)
Networking Uncovered is a special focus hangout event that will aim to expose the secrets of the art of getting to know people and moving ahead in your sports broadcasting career. The panel, made up of members of the SVG Europe Women Advisory Board, are: Lise Cosimi, external head of SVG Europe Women and sports industry consultant; Inga Ruehl, executive director, production services and operations at Sky; Anna Lockwood, head of global sales, Telstra Broadcast Services; Roisin McKeniry, head of production technology at Timeline Television for BT Sport; and Paula Rigby, head of international production and broadcast consultant at Noah Media Group.

SVG Europe Women Virtual Wellbeing – Motivation, inspiration and managing change

14 October 2020, 10am (BST)
This interactive session, titled Motivation, Inspiration and Managing Change – How to focus on inspiring, motivating and managing change for yourself and others in the face of adversity, will again be presented by special guest speaker, wellbeing and resilience coach Sarah Swanton. Swanton will help you learn how to stay motivated, inspired, and to manage change in spite of today’s challenges, for yourself and for others, personally and professionally.

SVG Europe Women Virtual

2 December 2020, 2pm (GMT)
More details coming soon!