CatDV Offers Enhanced MAM Support for Adobe Users

Square Box Systems (SL5025), developer of digital-media-asset–management (DAM/MAM) systems, is introducing two integrations that enable faster, more efficient content sharing between CatDV and Adobe Premiere Pro CC editorial software and Adobe Anywhere For Video real-time collaborative platform.

CatDV is known for of ease of integration with third-party systems, and Square Box has previously worked closely with Adobe to integrate the workflow capabilities between the companies’ respective systems, enabling Adobe Premiere Pro CC editors to maximize creative productivity for several years.

Building on this long-term, robust technology integration, the addition of Advanced CatDV Premiere panels, plus in-built extensions to CatDV, enable content to be shared even more easily by Adobe users. These advances support a wide range of efficient production and postproduction workflows for Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Adobe Anywhere For Video. CatDV is integrated with the current version of Adobe Anywhere with Mercury Streaming Engine, with plans to add support for the new version once it becomes available.

Harnessing the powerful search, preview, tracking, and media-management features of CatDV enables content to be seamlessly shared and managed between Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Adobe Anywhere productions directly from CatDV 11. CatDV can track when content is sent to Adobe Anywhere, making it easy to see how content is used across productions.

Alternatively, local and Anywhere media can be shared and managed via an Advanced CatDV Premiere panel integrated within Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Advanced CatDV Premiere Pro panel licenses are provided free with each CatDV desktop license, and additional licenses can be purchased. CatDV for Adobe Anywhere pricing is available on request.

“In practice, CatDV assets can now be added to Adobe projects and productions at the press of a button,” says Square Box Systems CEO Dave Clack. “CatDV tracks when media has been sent, making it easy for users to see which assets are being used and where. This further tightening of the integration between CatDV and Adobe platforms delivers a seamless media-sharing experience and enables new levels of efficient and collaborative creativity that Adobe customers will really appreciate.”

Says Simon Williams, senior director of business development, Adobe, “Content creators are always on the lookout for time-, labor-, and cost-saving features to assist productive production and post while maintaining creativity. “Adobe Premiere Pro CC, which is part of Adobe Creative Cloud, and Adobe Anywhere give creative artists rich, collaborative toolsets. With CatDV Adobe Panels, they now have even greater power to access and manage media with unprecedented speed and precision.”

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