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Gamers watch as much live eSports as traditional sports, according to Limelight Networks study

The rise of eSports has been anything but understated, and a study just released by Limelight Networks says that eSports fandom in the greater sports world may be ‘reaching a tipping point’. Data gathered by the CDN service says that eSports viewership is rivaling that of its traditional sports counterparts even among those individuals that […]  More

Sports Graphics Forum: How technology Is democratising high-end graphic design

Not too long ago, augmented reality (and mixed reality) graphics were a feature reserved for the highest end of sports television productions boasting the biggest budgets. Now, with broadcasters and other content creators leveraging super-advanced gaming engines like Unreal Engine and Unity, this segment of the creative business is becoming more democratised. Those behind the […]  More

Perform Media rebrands to DAZN Media to bring advertising efforts together

Perform Media, the umbrella organisation under which the sports streaming platform DAZN sits, has been rebranded to DAZN Media. The new entity will be responsible for global media partnerships, in addition to managing all commercial inventory across DAZN properties (which includes Goal and Sporting News). DAZN will be a major part of the equation as […]  More

In battling piracy of live football streaming, technology is ‘both friend and foe’

In the seemingly endless battle against live sports-video piracy, it’s understood that there is no magic bullet and that, in many ways, the pirates tend to stay a step ahead of the general media industry. However, there has been tangible progress in the overall crackdown on piracy of streaming sports video in recent years. Much […]  More

San Francisco 49ers stay on cutting edge of operations thanks to flexibility and commitment to storytelling

Robert Alberino Jr is a football lifer; dirtying his hands and knees not with a set of pads resting on his shoulders but, rather, the weight of a video camera. Forged in the fires of the streets of Philadelphia and the studios of Steve Sabol, Alberino has forever altered the landscape of…ok, ok this might […]  More

SVG Summit: Should Artificial Intelligence and automated production be coupled for sports storytelling?

Artificial intelligence and automated production tools are already impacting the way sports events are produced, but the technologies are still in the early stages and there is much to be learned. During a conversation at last week’s SVG Summit 2018 in New York, a pair of production pros share their thoughts on the technology and […]  More

SVG Summit 2018: How OTT and social media are changing video with microtransactions, fragmentation and interactivity

As OTT and social media content delivery becomes prevalent and more important to sports fans, there is an increasing demand on production teams to create content in new ways. At the 2018 SVG Summit, a panel of industry experts examined how networks and leagues are changing their production philosophies, workflows and business models to keep […]  More

Storytelling in eSports is very different to traditional sports broadcasting

eSports is emerging as the new, exciting live event content consumed worldwide, but, still in its infancy as a broadcast property, it has not concretely defined what makes for a good esports broadcast. Sure, there’s natural strategy in telling the story of esports competitors through interviews or feature packages, but telling the real-time story of […]  More

SVG On Demand: NBC Sports’ Matt Celli on the value of bringing eSports to traditional television

NBC Sports is one of the traditional sports media players that has dipped a toe in esports waters, producing some big-time events, including Universal Open Rocket League (Season 2) this past summer. At SVG’s recent inaugural eSports Production Forum, Matt Celli, head of production technology, innovation and data, NBC Sports and Olympics, chatted with Jason Dachman […]  More