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IOC releases statement concerning next steps for federations and Olympic Games

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has continued its consultations with all the stakeholders of the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. The first took place with the International Olympic Summer Sports Federations. Those with the National Olympic Committees (NOCs), the athletes’ representatives, the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), other international federations (IFs), and other stakeholders will follow in […]  More

Sports Graphics Forum: AR enhances virtually every aspect of a production

Coupled with player tracking and data, augmented reality (AR) is opening up new ways of storytelling for sports TV production teams. It is also allowing studios to take advantage of advanced green-screen technology and virtual sets in a way that enhances nearly every aspect of a production, from pregame to postgame and beyond. The opportunities […]  More

International Federations Summit shines a spotlight on OTT strategy

The Olympic Channel, UEFA and Red Bee Media took to the stage earlier this month to discuss the current and future state of direct-to-consumer OTT services. Speaking at the International Federation Summit (IFS) in Lausanne, produced by MEI in association with SVG Europe, the representatives of the three organisations agreed that sporting federations are in […]  More

International Federations Summit puts innovation front and centre

The third annual International Federations Summit (IFS), produced by Major Events International (MEI) in association with SVG Europe, brought together dozens of federations and executives from related technology providers for a day of information exchange and learning in Lausanne. The focus of the event was to help attendees understand the current state of the federations […]  More