Arista Networks renews its Bronze sponsorship of SVG Europe

Arista Networks, a leader in data-driven client to cloud networking, has returned as a Bronze sponsor of SVG Europe.

In 2022, ITN chose Arista Networks as the core of a new SMPTE ST2110-based IP media network. The heart of the new network features an active/active pair of Arista 7280CR3-96 series switches which are purpose built around a flexible arrangement of 1G/10/25/40/50/100GbE ports to support the widest range of connected devices and workflows.

Alongside the media network is the ITN Monitoring & Control Network which uses a spine and leaf design that again implements a fully redundant design based on a pair of Arista 7050X3s – with 10G active interconnects – that spans out to multiple Arista 7010T leaf switches that connect to various locations including newsrooms, editing suites, MCR’s and other critical elements. All Arista 7000 series products run the same Arista EOS software and binary image, simplifying network administration with a single standard across all switches.

The company also extended its Arista EOS (Extensible Operating System) and CloudVision software to support high-performance switched networks for media and entertainment customers. Media Control Service (MCS) makes broadcast workflows an integral function of the Arista network fabric providing customers with faster establishment of audio and video streams.

Arista’s Media and Entertainment team has decades of hands-on experience in broadcast manufacturing, content production and operations, and has built a large Technology Partner ecosystem offering solutions from creation to consumption.

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