Axon unveils latest broadcast ‘glue’ products

Netherlands-based Axon Digital Design will celebrate 25 years in expanding the development of what has become known as broadcast glue products. The company’s range of Synapse modular AV signal processing and control systems are employed by broadcasters worldwide.

At IBC, Axon will highlight the increasingly important role that modular core processing technology plays within modern broadcast workflows, which are characterised as multivendor systems where third-party interoperability and some form of unified control mechanism is essential. Within this environment, the way in which the various third party system components ‘glue’ together and are controlled and monitored is critical to the success of the overall workflow.

Axon’s Synapse modular signal monitoring and processing system includes over 350 discrete devices which have been developed to support a broadcaster’s ingest, outgest, distribution, and transmission chains. Critically, Axon’s Cortex monitoring and control system has been developed with the aim of collecting and collating system information and providing operational staff with a meaningful picture of the operational status of the entire system, including a wide range of third party devices.

“In today’s file-based broadcast environment control is power and this is what we provide with Synapse and Cortex,” commented Harry Kanters, vice president of Marketing and Sales at Axon Digital Design. “The power and elegance of the Synapse range is significantly increased when combined with Cortex, which provides the ability to monitor and control an entire multivendor workflow from a single workstation screen. The efficiencies available through this elegant technology are immense.”

The latest version of Axon’s Cortex software application makes the implementation of multiple video and audio signal paths easy, efficient, and cost-effective. Cortex provides comprehensive tools to configure, monitor, and maintain a diversity of devices including Axon’s Synapse range of control modules and other third-party products. Consequently, users take total control over multiple and complex routines involving numerous users, enabling them to configure workflows exactly how they wish to meet specific production needs.

Making their European debut, the new Cortex Tally and Mnemonic options provide a user to interface for signal processing and routing equipment using native protocols and/or GPI units in order to operate various display and tally devices. The Generic Devices option allows for interfacing to a number of third party devices using their native control and/or monitoring protocols.

Lastly, Axon will showcase a number of actual customer installed Cortex applications. To explain these, Axon will be joined on its stand by several of its customers who will present to visitors and explain in detail how Cortex supports their broadcast business operations.

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