Broadcast Solutions’ videoReferee in Paris for SVG Europe Football Production Summit

During SVG Europe’s Football Production Summit in Paris March 23 Broadcast Solutions presented its video judging solution, videoReferee, to visitors. Being an event sponsor, Broadcast Solutions could show visitors first-hand what is possible in the field of professional video judging solutions.

The company presented the variety of videoReferee systems ranging from 4 to 16 channels. videoReferee is already widely used in various sports all around the world, e.g. Canoe Slalom, Ice Hockey, Basketball and Volleyball.

During SVG Europe’s Football Production Summit professionals in the sports broadcast business discussed the latest trends in sports production. One part of course was developments in connection with FIFA’s decisions on video judging solutions in major football leagues in Europe.

Due to its field-proven use in major sports leagues videoReferee is a video judging system with experience and expertise. The videoReferee offers reliable and safe decisions during sports tournaments and can be easily integrated into all sorts of production and judging setups.

videoReferee is already in use in major sports leagues all around the world and proved its functionality and ease of use. In addition videoReferee is already set as the overall video judging tool for the canoe slalom tournaments during the Olympic Games 2016 in Rio.

With videoReferee referees have access to up to 16 camera signals in HD and 4K quality. During the competition, all signals can be viewed and marked simultaneously throughout continuous recording. videoReferee offers organisers and referees unprecedented opportunities to clarify controversial situations, thus ensuring more fairness during competitions.

With videoReferee the marking of a dubious situation can be done by the referee directly or can be triggered by scoreboards or additional tools. Using the controller, individual channels can be selected or special situations can be searched and marked – all in realtime.

The operator can mark situations during live recording or by accessing previously recorded material. The users can choose between the simultaneous view of all channels, single view or zoom view. Using videoReferee it is possible to export marked scenes to DVD or MP4 file for backup purposes as well as to record entire sport events. Additionally, teams participating in tournaments can review the recorded material for training purposes.

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