BT Sport enhances app platform availability while driving overall strategy forward

BT Sport has expanded the platforms that subscribers can utilise to watch its content, by making its app available on Fire TV, Android TV, and Roku streaming players, plus Roku TV models.

Additionally, the broadcaster has created BT Sport Monthly Pass, which offers all sports fans a flexible way of watching top-flight sport for a simple monthly fee with no contract.

Launching on these devices and platforms in time for the new Premier League season this weekend with BT Sport and also bringing fans coverage of Premiership Rugby, MotoGP, Boxing and UFC, the BT Sport app is now available on a wide range of large screen devices and platforms which also include Samsung smart TV, Now TV, Sony PlayStation, Xbox, Google Chromecast and Apple TV, as well as mobiles, tablets, BT TV, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin Media.

Speaking to SVG Europe on why this app strategy is important for BT Sport, the broadcaster’s COO, Jamie Hindhaugh stated: “It’s about ensuring our customers can access BT Sport on whatever device or platform they have available to them. It also supports our long term strategy; we are a pay TV network so you don’t want to limit the platform that customers that subscribe to, to watch BT Sport on. And it’s part of our drive towards a wider reach, a wider availability.”

He commented on the evolution of the use of mobiles, tablets and laptops as a means to view sports content today: “In the old world, we used to call it a second box, a second screen. In my house now we can watch BT Sport either on my Sony TV in the front room, or my Samsung [smartphone] in the back room while my kids are watching on the TV. You used to compete in the past [for screens]; what that meant is you went down in screen size as you moved further down the pecking order, whereas this way [today], because [BT Sport’s content is] available on these different platforms, it just gives you [more ways to] access BT Sport, the subscription you’re paying for.”

This move ties in with the broadcaster’s strategy overall, said Hindhaugh: “Our single ambition is to take our audiences to the heart of sport. Everything we do we do we know will bring viewer-stroke-fan engagement benefits; we don’t do stuff just because we can. We are sports fans and [that has driven us] all the way through [our technical innovations over the years], from first 4K, first HDR, first VR; if you look the BT Sport app, everything there is about taking our customers closer to the action and live sport is one of those places where if you can’t be at the game, you want a window into the game, whether that’s [through] enhanced sound, Dolby Atmos, etc.”

He went on to add that this app development and BT Sport’s technology innovations overall are, “strategically right at the core of what we do”.

“We should be giving our customers the best view and experience, telling them the best stories, and taking them to the best possible live event. It’s absolutely key to what we do, and I think it’s been proven; our reputation and also the response we get from our audience is really positive,” he noted.

Hindhaugh confirmed that there is more coming down the line in terms of technical innovation from BT Sport. He explained: “There’s loads in train, there always will be. It takes us right back to what can we do that enhances the viewing experience, whether that is increasing the quality of capture to give us the opportunity to increase even more of that viewing experience, or personalisation, looking at how we can give people more choice with how they engage with games, similar to what we do on the small screen, BT sport app. It’s all of those things really.

“And, as you would expect from us, we will continuously strive to do that and utilise the opportunity of being on different platforms to be able to give people different choices. But key to the heart of this of course is having the best live events and the premium content that we have.”

Existing BT Sport customers with access to the app for large screen devices can access BT Sport on the new devices and platforms at no extra cost, allowing them to watch live, catch-up and on-demand sport, and, have a second screen to watch two livestreams simultaneously.

BT Sport customers who have the necessary BT subscription plus a 4K capable Fire TV, Roku streaming device, or one of the 4K devices running Android TV such as selected TV sets manufactured by brands including Sony, Phillips, TCL, Sharp, Cello and JVC, will be able to access BT Sport Ultimate, a channel providing regular live sport in stunning 4K with High Dynamic Range (HDR).

Available for just £25 per month for instant access, BT Sport Monthly Pass lets anyone buy and watch BT Sport on a month-by-month basis.

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