Calrec boosting level consistency with Automixer function

Delivered as an upgrade to the Bluefin2 software, a new Automixer automatic mixing function has been added to Calrec’s Apollo and Artemis mixing consoles. Automixer is designed to attenuate the output levels of all channels under its control to maintain consistent program levels in environments with multiple open microphones and unpredictable audio content.

Users can have eight separate Automixers, each of which can be assigned to control any number of mono input channels and group paths on the control surface. Unlike compression of a mix bus, or use of individual or linked compressors on paths, the use of an Automixer applies differing amounts of attenuation to each path, depending on its own level, as well as the overall mix level.

Automixers can be selected on a channel-by-channel basis to be placed in the signal path pre-EQ, prefader, or postfader. Upstand metering can be configured to show Automixer attenuation alongside signal level on each path.

Henry Goodman, Calrec head of sales and marketing, comments: “At Calrec, our customers drive our product line-up, and Automixer is another example of that philosophy. We pay close attention to our customers and put a great deal of effort into developing products that will make their jobs easier.”

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