LimitEar HDM Pro to deliver hearing protection boost for broadcast professionals

LimitEar1Due to be rolled-out in Europe via Sennheiser Solutions following a high-profile preview at IBC, the LimitEar HDM Pro system has been developed to provide the most audible, safe hearing experience for the broadcast TV, film, radio and live events industries. In the coming weeks, SVG Europe will bring you the full story of this major new product launch – one which has obvious implications for sports broadcasting professionals – but in the meantime, here is an edited version of the launch announcement…

Sennheiser Solutions is a global initiative created by Sennheiser with the aim of standardising the approach local subsidiaries and partners take in producing small volume custom solutions that compliment the existing Sennheiser product range.

HDM Pro is installed into the headphone cable and ensures personal Hearing Dose Management at all times, warns the user of significant noise levels, and takes action to protect them only when necessary. Three mechanisms are included in HDM Pro to protect the user against the causes of noise-induced hearing loss from reproduced sound and to assist in meeting the Noise at Work Regulations 2005.

HDM Pro works like an average speed limiter. It continuously measures the average noise level and as long as the average doesn’t exceed the ‘action level’ then it lets all the sound through untouched. If the listening level is likely to exceed the regulatory average noise dose, the HDM Pro warns you, by means of an LED display, that you’re at risk and you need to turn the volume down. If you ignore the warning HDM Pro gradually reduces the volume to ensure the average noise dose is not exceeded.

Stephen Wheatley, managing director at LimitEar, comments: “Noise induced hearing loss is a serious and avoidable health issue, but one that relatively few people have woken up to. It’s not just factory workers who can be affected, people who work with sound in advertising, broadcast media, live events and the music industry may be at risk. “If we don’t address this problem soon, it’s going to get a lot worse very quickly and many more people will be affected. Our products protect users automatically and effectively. We’re delighted that HDM Pro has been adopted by such a well respected brand as Sennheiser UK.”

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