Match Analysis unveils Tango Live Match Tracker solution

New from California-based company Match Analysis is the all-new Tango Live Match Tracker, billed as the first opportunity for fans to step behind the curtain and taste elite sports technology redesigned and customised as a fan’s digital playground.

Tango Live is the next generation, animated, real-time, head-to-head fan engagement platform that redefines the live sporting experience for club, league, sponsor and fan.

Presenting unique content in a ead-to-head format, delivering multi-component ratings of teams and individual players animated dynamically in real-time, completely reinvents the experience of live football. With striking animations, lively graphics, and blend of video-game and sports themes Tango Live MatchTracker widens the experience to entertain a broader demographic.

Live video clips are continuously generated throughout the game, categorizing every touch right down to individual players. This instant access to watch the action as it unfolds in real-time presents the fan with an experience previously only available in the broadcast booth.

In-graphic social media integrates with club social media feeds, enabling the fan’s favourite club to narrate all the action and fans to interact during the match.

“Existing football Match Trackers have traditionally underperformed for sponsors and fans,” said Mark Brunkhart, Match Analysis’s president. “Tango Live is a completely different experience that really captivates the user and brings them a fun, interactive, and feature rich connection to match day. The link between data and video is the untapped gold mine for sports.”

Extended game-length sticky experience allows sponsors to convey a multi-faceted message via a seamless mix of video, branding, and messaging.

“We are gearing up for the 2018 World Cup cycle,” Brunkhart said. “We want to put together the sports’ greatest sponsors with an experience fans can’t get anywhere else. TangoLive is probably the most exciting new product we’ve ever built…and that’s a pretty high bar.”

Stephen Hamilton, Match Analysis’s director of marketing and business development, adds: “Tango Live’s highly interactive and engaging second-screen experience captures the user and doesn’t let go, providing fantastic opportunities for clubs, leagues and broadcasters to engage with fans at a deeper level. It’s not just a cool product from the fan perspective, but from the sponsor perspective as well. The platform offers significant additional revenue opportunities from site naming and branding to background graphics, pre-and post-roll video ads, interstitial placements, campaign centred character customisations, and even direct click through purchasing.”

Match Analysis’s Tango Live leverages the company’s proprietary parallel, real-time data collection system Perception to guarantee fast and accurate touch-by-touch data on the market. Fully parallel data entry allows the speed of live data collection for over 2500 events per match, with frame accurate precision and complete data and video synchronization delivered via the company’s state-of-the-art technology platform built from the ground up for live soccer coverage.

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