NEP going mobile for hockey, basketball playoffs

For the NHL, NEP is supporting NBC Sports Group’s live broadcasts of all playoff games. For the NBA, NEP is supporting two major national cable networks. In addition, for both playoff series, NEP is providing support to several regional networks.

To cater to NBC Sports Group’s NHL playoff coverage, NEP has deployed its ND5, ND6, SS28 and NCP8 mobile broadcasting units, with its ND4, SS18, SS22, SS23, SS25 and Corplex Chromium units reserved for the NBA playoffs. By positioning fleets of trucks on both the US East and West coasts, NEP is able to stage and position them to reach the cities that have the best probability of hosting the next series of games.

Mike Werteen, senior vice-president of sales and client services for NEP, comments: “Year after year, we’re able to pull off one of the most impressive juggling acts in sports broadcasting, and we always deliver. This is because no other mobile broadcasting company can provide the breadth and depth of resources we offer on a nationwide scale, and also because of the unparalleled commitment and dedication of our staff. As a result, we’ve built a strong level of trust with our broadcasting and cable clients, who know we’ll be able to offer high-quality, reliable and innovative services for some of the year’s most watched sports events.”

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