Nevion adds to signal-processing, fiber-transport portfolio

Nevion will highlight new signal processing solutions supporting higher quality and increased density for 3G, as well as the ability to mix and match through highly flexible modules.

“Our new signal processing modules are designed to accommodate the reality of conditions facing broadcasters today and adding value where it is needed most,” said Svein Håvard Haugen, director of engineering, Nevion. “Design innovations such as advanced SFP technology have allowed us to build more scalability and functionality within single modules—all within our signature compact sizes.”

Nevion’s new Flashlink family of flexible video, audio and data multiplexers includes SFP technology, enabling the new AES-VMUX to function as both a multiplexer and demultiplexer, capable of meeting the specific requirements of various applications. Equipped with 16 AES audio ports that can be used as inputs or outputs, the module transports a large number of digital audio signals with full asynchronous audio transport over SDTI transparently, with clock information of each AES signal transported along with the data. Modules may be daisy chained to increase the number of audio signals up to a maximum of 64 AES channels with additional channel capacity added through a traditional SDI audio embedder. The AES-VMUX may also be equipped with a small form-factor pluggable (SFP) transceiver for easy optical link capability.

The new ADDA-AES range of analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters provides higher quality and higher density conversion. ADDA modules convert to and from eight mono channels, and can also be used together with AV-3G-XMUX modules—featuring bidirectional AES ports. Using the same backplane, these modules can combine to form three different analog-to-video versions, further expanding the range.

Supporting 3G-SDI and 1080p50/60 formats, Nevion’s extensive signal processing portfolio takes advantage of 3G’s unprecedented image quality and high levels of video processing for optimal quality throughout the entire production chain. Nevion’s 3G signal processing covers up, down and cross conversion (UDC-3G-XMUX4+), standards conversion, highly integrated audio embedding and de-embedding (AV-3G-XMUX/AAV-3G-XMUX), and dual frame synchronization (FRS-3G-DUAL).

With SFP technology already supported by Nevion’s Sublime optical routing and Flashlink Compact optical conversion, Nevion now offers an entire portfolio of SFP interfacing solutions that provide greater cost efficiency, higher density routing and conversion, and scalability to meet the redundancy and cost parameters of any application. These benefits complement Flashlink’s industry-recognized high quality, reliability and low resource requirements.

The company will unveil a new suite of optical conversion solutions. Underscoring its commitment to optical networking innovation, the new modules are designed for multiple functionality and scalability, lowering the costs of optical fiber capacity.

“Innovative engineering enabled Nevion to create Flashlink, a product family long known for its reliability, small form factors and low power requirements,” said Haugen. “Once again, we’ve applied design ingenuity to create optical modules that can expand as customers’ needs grow and feature more functionality, including upgrade ports and SFPs, into the same space-saving modules.”

Nevion debuts new Flashlink active and passive optical modules—the WOC series—that provide highly protected and cost efficient CWDM protection. Offered within new and improved enclosures, the series supports Nevion’s continued commitment to optical solutions with a passive wideband optical splitter available in 50/50 or 90/10-split ratio, and an active wideband 2×2 optical redundancy switch with tally output.

A new high performance CWDM system (CWDM1-8/CWDM9-16) based on eight-channel optical filters gives broadcasters the ability to scale as needed through an upgrade port, supporting up to 16 channels of bidirectional traffic on the same fiber. Equipped with long haul specifications, the filters provide a cost-efficient alternative to Nevion’s 18-channel CWDM filter when fewer channels are needed. Wavelengths are chosen according to the ITU-T G.694.2 standard to ensure maximum interoperability.

Used as a stand-alone filter or within an N-Box—Flashlink’s ultra-compact and rugged Flashlink housing, Nevion’s new 18-channel, bidirectional optical CWDM filter (CWDM18) can function as a multiplexer or de-multiplexer, and occupies one Flashlink slot.

Nevion’s next-generation Flashlink Compact 2 packs tremendous functionality and state-of-the-art features into a compact 1RU frame. With higher channel count, and SFPs and BNCs on opposite sides of the chassis, Flashlink 2 provides 36 channels supported by multiple electrical-to-optical and optical-to-electrical conversion. This highly efficient optical conversion solution features a built-in CWDM filter and hot-pluggable optics. It joins Nevion’s Sublime optical series and multiple optical conversion solutions with a router core for the most feature-packed multi-channel conversion in the industry today. Like its predecessor, Flashlink Compact 2 offers tremendous value and low resource requirements for long-term cost savings.

Lastly, Nevion comes to IBC with new additions to its robust fiber transport portfolio and an enhanced perfect protection switch, simultaneously decreasing risks and increasing flexibility for broadcasters.

“Patented technology for our perfect protection switch bases decisions not only on disrupted signals but also on the quality of the primary and backup transport streams,” said Svein Håvard Haugen, director of engineering at Nevion. “We’ve applied the same principles of smart engineering to our fiber products, wrapping in multiple functionality for more scalable and flexible solutions.”

Nevion’s Flashlink fiber portfolio transports all major broadcast signal formats, including 10G, with comprehensive time division and wavelength division multiplexing, providing the longest 3G-SDI reach in the industry over dark fiber and unmatched fiber transport bandwidth. For even more scalable and flexible systems, customers can use passive optical products, saving capital expenditures by deploying exactly what’s needed at any given time. Supporting this capability is Nevion’s new ETH1000-SW-10G, a six-port IP switch with five 1G electrical IP ports and one 10G optical IP port for short, mid and long haul optical interfaces, as well as CWDM. The 10G-TR, a new optical transponder for 10G IP or SDH/SONET signals converts from short haul optical formats to long haul or CWDM formats.

Nevion’s VS7700 dual-channel intelligent perfect switch provides unmatched protection for DVB-ASI and SDI video streams across any network infrastructure—IP, SONET/SDH or fiber.  Compensating for up to one second of differential delay, the switch guarantees signal quality, zero outages, and no disruption of service.

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