New Marshall camera top monitors set for BVE 2013

The new series of Marshall LED backlit camera top/field monitors will be on show at BVE 2013 in London next month. These monitors are being selected and used by DPs and professional DSLR users to provide a reliable reference for critical focus and exposure as well as colorimetry and framing, on camera or off, in the field or in the studio.

European distributor Cache-Media’s managing director, Stuart Cameron, said: “A good field or camera top monitor is worth its weight in gold whatever programme or style you are shooting. The DSLR revolution has pushed video camera manufacturers to large format sensors, and as a result focus and exposure have become absolutely crucial factors in producing the stunning results which are now possible with these cameras. ‘Almost in focus’ is a non starter in the HD world. The significant numbers we are now selling reflect the success of the Marshall design and the price point.”

There are three sizes in the series of LED backlit monitors: the 5.6-inch V-LCD56MD-3G, the 7-inch V-LCD70MD-3G and the 9-inch V-LCD90MD-3G. The monitors as standard have an HDCP-compliant HDMI input with loop through output, with an optional modular function giving a choice of additional in/out configurations of 3G HD-SDI.

The monitors are high brightness (600 nit), high resolution, lightweight, practical, and designed to be easy to use. Features include an icon driven menu system, a video waveform display with stereo audio level bar and front panel headphone output.

A pixel to pixel function enables the user to preset a section of the picture from the camera to fill the screen on demand via one of the function buttons as an aid to critical focus, along with the Marshall peaking facility – now with a choice of four colours.

Other features include multiple DLSR aspect ratio presets, a wide variety of markers, four user configurable front panel buttons, RGB check field/field detect, RGB gain and bias control, adjustable IRE clipping guide and backlight control, and a false colour function which can be used as an effective exposure indicator.

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