SAM announces the winner of the LiveTouch Head to Head Challenge

SAM LiveTouch Challenge winner Harry Chedburn

Harry Chedburn, replay editor at F1, was named the winner of Snell Advanced Media’s (SAM) LiveTouch Head to Head Challenge in London on 19 December. The event – which was supported by SVG Europe – allowed broadcast operators to learn and practice with SAM’s LiveTouch system while competing against peers to create the fastest and most compelling 15 second highlights playlist.

“It’s been a great experience and I hope there are many more like this to come,” said Harry Chedburn about the event. “When it comes to SAM’s LiveTouch technology, it works how you think it should. With other alternatives you might have to learn for many months before you can properly use them, whereas with SAM I feel you can use it straight away.”

LiveTouch makes highlights and instant replay workflows more intuitive with a touch screen controller that’s easy to use and thumbnail images that allow operators to access clips even faster. “Just for that it makes our day to day tasks a lot easier,” added Chedburn.

Runner-up Phil Taylor, who has worked as a F1 highlights operator with the LiveTouch system, said about the Challenge: “It’s been amazing, a great comradery between a lot of very talented people, including up-and-coming professionals in the business like Harry. I’ve really enjoyed the entire experience.”

SAM Live Challenge runner-up Phil Taylor

Also competing was the Coordinator on the F1 Host Broadcast Jamie Benning who added that one of the best functions of the LiveTouch system was the ability to get across remote angles very quickly. “It’s made our workflow more efficient and has opened us up as a production, we’re ultimately able to deliver even more with that in our pocket.” Regarding the Challenge, “it’s been great to see both Harry and Phil working head to head and I think these events should happen more often.”

The LiveTouch Challenge winner, selected by a panel of SAM executives, was chosen based on speed and creativity when it came to creating the 15 second highlights clip. Chedburn received the prize of an iPhone X by SAM EVP and General Manager, Media Software Solutions, Neil Maycock who highlighted the importance creativity played in the final round of the competition.

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