SeaWell Networks delivers MPEG DASH-based ad-insertion

SeaWell Networks has unveiled an MPEG DASH-based live and On Demand video ad-insertion solution.  The company also announced it has incorporated the DASH (Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP) format into its existing library of supported formats, which include Smooth Streaming, HLS and HDS.  Using SeaWell’s Spectrum software, network operators are now able to convert all formats dynamically, and deliver IP video content to any connected device.

“SeaWell is a strong supporter of DASH and standardizing IP video content delivery over the Internet,” said Brian Stevenson, director of product management at SeaWell Networks and a member of the DASH Industry Forum. “Standardization is a big step, and today, SeaWell Networks’ Spectrum is the only industry solution that provides universal ABR conversion and delivery for network operators around the globe.”

DASH is the latest format for streaming video over IP networks. It allows devices such as Internet connected televisions, TV set-top IP boxes, desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets to consume content delivered via the Internet or IP managed networks. DASH endeavors to allow this technology to be universally implemented, compared to similar solutions such as HLS by Apple, Smooth Streaming by Microsoft, or HDS by Adobe.

“We support the streaming media community and embrace DASH as a key enabler for delivering content to multiple devices on multiple platforms,” continued Stevenson. “With the integration of the international DASH industry standard, Spectrum enables operators to not only store and deliver content in any format, but to now insert advertising seamlessly into the live or VOD stream. This is a market first.”

Spectrum is a session control solution for Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) streaming video that enables operators to deliver content to any connected device, while arming them with the power and personalization of dynamic ad insertion, stream management and analytics that provide significant network efficiencies and cost-savings.

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