Sky Italia believes in Newtec’s Equalink for DVB-S/S2 needs

Sky Italia has used Newtec’s Equalink DVB-S/S2 predistortion solution in connection with its innovative transmission solution, already filed as patent. The installation has resulted in a 10 per cent performance increase, equating to an additional two channels on each of its 23 transponders.

Italian-based Communication Video Engineering supported Sky Italia throughout the implementation of Newtec Modulators and Newtec’s Equalink DVB-S/S2 predistortion systems.

Equalink provides significant improvements by predistorting the modulated signal to compensate for linear degradations generated by filters and non-linear degradations generated by satellite transponder amplifiers.

Sky Italia Innovation and Engineering Manager Massimo Bertolotti said that having trialled other solutions, Equalink impressed the team by making sizable improvements of 80 Mbit/s in total.

“Using this solution we can transmit the signal closer to the saturation of the transponder and closer to the edge of the transponder frequency range. As a result, more power and more throughput are available, and therefore more channels and services for our customers,” Bertolotti says.

Serge van Herck, CEO of Newtec, said the solution is designed to help Sky Italia and other DTH providers who are competing against an increasing number of alternative media providers.

“Equalink has demonstrated its ability to increase the link efficiency for Sky Italia enabling it to offer even more value to its customers,” Van Herck adds. “Equalink allows Sky Italia to optimise its satellite transponder usage and increase the transponder value. Also, by using this solution Sky Italia is able to provide maximum performance – even on the edge of its footprint.”

Equalink, as well as Sky Italia’s innovative invention, can be used in conjunction with any standard satellite set-top box. Equalink is available as an option on Newtec’s industry leading Azimuth modulators, a professional satellite equipment series used by leading broadcasters, satellite and telecom operators world-wide.

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