Sound Talks: Watch a recording of ‘Inside Monitoring’ event on-demand

SVG Europe’s Sound Talks: Inside Monitoring, sponsored by Telos Alliance, took place on Wednesday 6 October, exploring sports broadcast sound monitoring issues in both the listening environment and the encoding/authoring environment, along with supporting infrastructure and standards. You can now watch a recording of the discussion on-demand.

With the rapid development of new audio broadcast standards and a revolution in control room and mix environments, partly driven by the COVID pandemic but unlikely to be reversed, effective, timely, and high-quality monitoring has never been more important.

In this conversation, key vendors, integrators and engineers shared their combined experience and expertise on topics such as speaker, environment and personalisation technologies, acoustics and the object-based encoding and monitoring path.


  • David Loudoun, mixing consultant, Dolby Atmos
  • Neville Hooper, deputy head of sound, NEP
  • Aaron Harte, sound supervisor, Sky Sports
  • Aki Mäkivirta , R&D director, Genelec
  • Berny Carpenter, audio product manager, TSL Products

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