SVG Europe Sit-Down: Eamonn Curtin from Telegenic offers thoughts from an OB provider perspective

For more than 30 years, Telegenic has been delivering outside broadcasts of any size and complexity. Many of the company’s full time staff crew have been involved in the design of the trucks and provide an in depth understanding of the requirements of sports broadcasters. Today, Telegenic’s fleet is equipped for HD, 3D and 4K production of the biggest sports, entertainment, music and State events. Commercial Director Eamonn Curtin says the goal is to ensure that creative and editorial productions are the best they can be, free from the limits of technology.

Eamonn Curtin from Telegenic

What has been the most significant changes in the demands of sports broadcasters over the past few years?

For us it’s been the uptake in UHD which is why we have invested and upgraded four trucks to work on the high demand.

Costs are always a concern, but what do you see as your biggest challenges for the next twelve months?

Investing in the right products

You are obviously in touch with equipment manufacturers on a regular basis. But is there one thing that you’d like to see them achieve that just hasn’t happened yet?

Not really.

How do you assess the future of remote production with regards your business?

It will come but is solely reliant on connectivity and with productions demanding UHD remote will prove difficult.

How do you see IP technology developing over the next twelve months with regards sports broadcasting?

We are waiting for the reliability to improve before we start our IP adventure.

With the continuing integration of IT and broadcast technologies, are the colleges producing engineers with the right knowledge base that will benefit OB providers like Telegenic?

We are working closely with a few colleges and Universities to structure the course they run so they include the skills required for the new technologies being introduced into our workflows.

Where do you think we will be with HDR by the middle of 2018?  Or should we be looking further ahead for significant take-up?

Further ahead for a significant take up but the World Cup 2018 Russia will help its launch.


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