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Around the leagues: How LaLiga is being covered for the 2018-19 season

From the start of the 2015-6 season, LaLiga and the top tier clubs have been working to a combined TV deal covering both domestic and international territories. Indeed, LaLiga was the driving force in promoting the idea of providing extensive global league coverage. “Before the 2015-6 season, clubs sold their rights individually, and this generated […]  More

SVG Europe Sit-Down: VIDI’s Karsten Winterberg and Jürgen Jahn on the outlook for HDR and network management

VIDI’s mission is to support clients in meeting the toughest challenges in the field of converging broadcast and tele-communication technologies. The company combines technical consultancy, project planning and turnkey fulfilment, as well as comprehensive additional services, all under one roof. Its integrated approach to projects allows Vidi to offer clients all the support they require […]  More

SVG Europe Sit-Down: Media Links’ Mark Podesla reveals IBC plans and offers IP predictions

IP-based technology from Media Links has been the backbone of soccer World Cups, winter and summer Olympic events, major US American Football events, Asian Games, and many other high-profile global sporting events since 2002. In each case, the Media Links solutions have been used by major broadcasters to transport broadcast signals from these events to […]  More

SVG Europe Sit-Down: Calrec’s Dave Letson with thoughts on remote production and a look at the challenges ahead

Calrec’s range of broadcast mixing consoles, remote production and audio networking solutions, its understanding of AoIP and IP infrastructures, and its work with third-party integration mean the company is at the epicentre of changing broadcast requirements. And from that position Dave Letson, vice president of sales, was able to cover a range of topics in […]  More

League kick-offs: How Serie A is being covered for the 2018-19 season

Italy’s Serie A is known as one of the best football leagues in the world. It is not surprising, therefore, that TV coverage rights are much coveted. It is reported that Sky Sports Italia now has an annual bill of €780 million to screen 266 matches, while Perform for DAZN is paying at least €193.3 million […]  More

SVG Europe Sit-Down: Videlio Media’s Malcolm Robinson on the impact of remote production and IP technology

Videlio designs and deploys video solutions and services for private and public companies in France and around the world. By watching the markets, Videlio anticipates current and future demands, studies them, interprets them and puts forward global solutions for easy and optimal use. Our Sit Down with operations director Malcolm Robinson began by looking at […]  More

SVG Europe Sit-Down: Telstra Broadcast’s Trevor Boal discusses challenges for the year ahead

Telstra is a leading Australian telco company, offering a full range of communications services and competing in all telecommunications markets. These services are underpinned by a subsea cable network, with licences in Asia, Europe and the Americas, and access to more than 2,000 points of presence (PoP) around the world. Our discussion with Trevor Boal, […]  More

SVG Europe Sit-Down: LiveLike’s Fabrice Lorenceau discusses outlook for VR, social integration and the viewer experience

LiveLike’s live streaming platform is a white label platform that allows broadcasters to stream regular or interactive VR content under their own brand with or without a VR headset. The core of the platform has been brought together by a team of well-recognised and awarded leaders in sports, production, game design, software development and user […]  More