Whitepaper: Sennheiser shares insights into frequency coordination of broadband wireless multi-channel audio systems and narrowband wireless equipment

The radio spectrum used for wireless microphones and wireless in-ear monitoring systems is generally a shared resource. These professional audio applications share the same spectrum with various other radio services and users, such as broadcasting, radio astronomy and military. The TV-UHF spectrum available to professional wireless mics and monitors varies considerably from one location to the other depending on local broadcasting services and other applications.

While frequency spectrum sharing is defined and overseen by national regulatory authorities, the co-ordination of radio frequencies that are to be used at an event or a venue is done in the mutual interest of all wireless equipment users on site, who need to rely on interference-free operation of their devices and tools.

Notably, events are getting larger and more complex, but the available radio spectrum for wireless microphones and in-ear monitors has been shrinking due to regulatory decisions.

Dr Andreas Wilzeck, head of spectrum policy and standards at Sennheiser, explains the current situation and how Sennheiser is rethinking wireless audio transmission.

Read the full paper.

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