World Squash Federation targets esports as it looks to attract a new audience

The World Squash Federation (WSF) has joined the Global Esports Federation (GEF) in a move that will see the two organisations collaborate in an effort to bring squash into the esports world.

WSF and GEF will work together with Refract – GEF’s Global Partner for Interactive Technology – to develop innovative technology which will develop squash’s presence in the esports sector and promote the sport to a new audience.

The WSF is the latest International Sports Federation to partner with GEF, joining World Taekwondo and the International Tennis Federation.

“The inclusion of the World Squash Federation as a member of the GEF presents new opportunities for the sport to evolve,” said WSF chief executive William Louis-Marie.

“Squash is already one of the most entertaining racket sports in the world with players recognise for their outstanding athleticism and stamina. Working with the right partners, including technologists and publishers within the esports community and the GEF, will allow our passionate squash community to strongly engage with esports and inspire a new generation of squash players and spectators.”

GEF president Chris Chan added: “The addition of new International Federation members is testament to the vital work the Global Esports Federation has put in to develop the community and connection among esports, active esports, and traditional sport.

“We anticipate greater collaboration among our members and partners in developing initiatives that are in service to the esports community through this #worldconnected platform.” ​

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