YuzzitPro joins SVG Europe as a Bronze sponsor

YuzzitPro, a tool for creating and distributing content on social media, has joined SVG Europe as a Bronze sponsor.

Used by clients including TF1, RTL Group and the FIA World Endurance Championship, YuzzitPro enables users to create, edit, broadcast and monetise content from any video rush, webinar or live stream without the need for additional software.

The tool is of particular value to the sports broadcast sector thanks to features such as automatic clipping and its ability to live broadcast to multiple platforms at the same time.

Thanks to AI, data feeds and workflows, real time alerts trigger the automatic cutting of video clips when an action occurs during a live event. Users can then customise and share it on their chosen platforms, such as YouTube, Periscope, Dailymotion, Facebook and Twitch.

YuzzitPro is natively interfaced with all platforms so users can easily share content simultaneously on their CMS, FTP and the main social media and VOD platforms.

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