IBC 2013: Rohde & Schwarz to showcase CLIPSTER DI workstation

The CLIPSTER DI workstation will be assuming its leading role once again, offering the world’s first end-to-end IMF mastering workflow. In addition, CLIPSTER will be showing its strength in all other areas of mastering such as with DCI and AS-02 from SD to 4K in 3D and HFR. It processes all popular RAW digital camera formats in real-time up to a resolution of 4K.

The DI workstation supports AS-02 and IMF, enabling CLIPSTER to create Interoperable Master Packages (IMPs) in application layer #2 extended up to 4K. With CLIPSTER, DVS has pioneered in processing 4K data in real time since 2007, and it is also leading in the area of frame rates. The new IMF delivery tool generates versions for multilingual packages in a way that is easy to use. With its end-to-end IMF toolset DVS has established an SMPTE-standardised successor to tape-based workflows, leading operators out of the labyrinth of multi-language versioning.

For AS-02 workflows, CLIPSTER lets users open, play out and create AS-02 packages as well as insert closed captions – and when generating AS-02 packages, CLIPSTER ensures that recorded VANC data (e.g. closed captions, AFD and V-chip information) is saved as well.

CLIPSTER will also be showcasing its high level of mastering adeptness. It handles this task not only blazingly fast, but also at a very high level of quality for all conceivable versions and resolutions. CLIPSTER can generate all compliant DCPs in real time – not matter if the material is in 2D, 3D, 4K or HFR. By using DVS’s own JPEG2000 encoding hardware 96 frames can be converted per second, meaning CLIPSTER can master cinema films at a speed up to four times faster than real time (3D HFR in real time) in the best picture quality.

From the end of 2013 CLIPSTER will support the cutting-edge Dolby Atmos system. Instead of assigning audio tracks to discrete channels, 64 objects are available which can be freely positioned spatially. With CLIPSTER, these Atmos mixes can be integrated in the DCI mastering process for the DCP.

With support for codecs such as Sony XAVC in CLIPSTER, DVS is demonstrating its ability to adapt rapidly to meet new standards. Similarly, it is possible to play back and debayer countless RAW digital camera formats including RED EPIC, Sony F65, F55 and F5 in real time up to 4K. Moreover, CLIPSTER is also able to process uncompressed 4K material at up to 60 fps.

Stefan Albertz, product manager at DVS, comments: “We are really pleased to position ourselves once again as market leader with our new CLIPSTER version – this time in the area of IMF. With our unique toolset, users will get to experience the ultimate in ease and clarity of use when processing their IMPs. At this year’s IBC, we’ll be showing our visitors many additional new features in CLIPSTER which will provide them with the greatest flexibility whether for Dolby Atmos mastering or DCI mastering for HFR.”

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