Wohler Offers WohlerCaption for Multiplatform Delivery

Wohler Technologies (Booth N3729) is showcasing its new WohlerCaption appliance. The turnkey, closed-caption translation solution leverages Wohler’s RadiantGrid technology to extract closed captioning from media sources and insert closed captioning back into the transcoded output file. As a result, broadcasters can easily and cost-effectively update content with caption data prior to delivery via traditional broadcast services or on new services and platforms.

WohlerCaption offers the ability to handle insertion of SCC or other aligned caption data files into the VANC or VBI space or to produce new ancillary outgoing files, such as SMPTE-TT or SAMI. Caption insertion and conversion can be done with or without transcoding of the video essence when compatible video containers are used.

Further, WohlerCaption offers the capability to both extract closed captioning from video containers and essences and insert closed captioning back into the transcoded output file. The solution provides ancillary data management that supports a variety of formats: EIA-608, EIA-708, SCTE-20, SMPTE 328M, SMPTE 360M, VBI Line 21, SMPTE 334M, SMPTE 436M, XDS/Bar Data, CGMS-A, AFD, SMPTE-TT, SAMI, HCC, SCC, DFXP, and CaptionXML.

Wohler also makes RadiantGrid technology available in other application-specific appliances. WohlerConverter leverages Cinnafilm’s Tachyon technology to power the robust transformation engine for file-based standards conversion and frame-rate conversion while transcoding. WohlerCoder intelligent file-based solution performs grid-enabled transcoding with faster-than-real-time results, and WohlerLoudness offers file-based loudness correction with Linear Acoustic AERO.file technology. These Wohler solutions are intended to deliver an optimal balance of performance and speed to support multiplatform transcoding, transwrapping, and loudness correction for high-volume workflows while maintaining high quality standards.

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