ChyronHego secures deals for player tracking, channel branding systems

ChyronHego announced four major player tracking deals based upon its ZXY Sport Tracking solution. The Japanese National Institute of Fitness and Sports; Danish professional football team FC Midtjylland in conjunction with the University of Aarhus; Norweigan professional football team Tromsö Idrettslag in cooperation with University of Tromsö; as well as Norway’s Sogndal Football Club together with Sogn og Fjordane University College, have all chosen to implement the ZXY transponder-based player tracking technology.

“We are delighted to announce these latest deals as our ZXY offering continues to gain momentum in this important area of sports performance research,” said Ian Wray, sports sales director at ChyronHego. “The high performance nature of our ZXY technology offers a compelling proposition for advanced sports environments where accuracy, high sampling rates and low latency are of paramount importance in the data that is gathered, which is essential for these internationally respected sports research organisations.”
Japanese National Institute of Fitness and Sports (NIFS)
Also a new customer, the Japanese National Institute of Fitness and Sports – Japan’s only national physical education university – has installed the ZXY player tracking technology in its new facility at the Fitness and Sport Center Kanoya. As one of the leading research institutes in its field, NIFS is dedicated to education in physical fitness and sports science. The ZXY system will monitor physical performance characteristics in a range of sports to help students and athletes.
The new facility at NIFS is due to be completed in early 2015 and the ZXY tracking technology will be a core infrastructure element in this development. Over the coming years, the university will become an important contributor to Japan’s hosting of the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo in preparing a future generation of Japanese Olympians and training staff.
FC Midtjylland and University of Aarhus 
As a new customer, Danish Superliga’s professional football team FC Midtjylland, in conjunction with the Universiry of Aarhus, will install the ZXY Player Tracking System at both the MCH Arena and Wunderelf Arena in Ikast for player development and training. The system will provide a means of better optimising players’ performance and will help in reducing injuries, as well as strengthen young talent in preparation for the premier league. In addition to the technical and physical benefits, the ZXY system will provide a more precise tactical insight for coaches.
University of Tromsö (UiT) and Tromsö Idrettslag (TIL) 
As a prior ChyronHego customer, UiT has upgraded to the latest version of the ZXY Sport Tracking System to provide even higher precision to support its scientific research and player development program. UiT/TIL and its team of world-renowned physiologists perform extensive studies in the field of measuring the intensity and workload of professional athletes.
Sogndal Football Club and Sogn og Fjordane University College 
As a new customer, Sogndal Football Club and Sogn og Fjordane University College have implemented the latest ZXY system to provide advanced player tracking data for training and matches. The system was also chosen to meet a requirement for collecting high-resolution physiological data in scientific studies of general movement and intensity analysis. The Sogndal Football club is known for its successful development of young professional football players and for the construction of the Fosshaugane Campus, a combined football stadium and school that will house the ZXY technology.
Finnish Broadcaster chooses ChyronHego’s Channel Box 2
ChyronHego also announced that Finnish commercial TV channel Nelonen has chosen ChyronHego’s acclaimed Channel Box 2 Channel Branding & Promo System to incorporate rich branding elements into its Pro1 and Pro2 sports channel programming. ChyronHego partner and production house Tuotantotalo Werne will manage the installation, deployment and system playout for both channels.

“ChyronHego was an easy choice for Nelonen’s Pay-TV sport channels by providing a flexible, cost-effective, high-quality channel branding solution,” said Juha Salmijärvi, development manager at Nelonen. “Channel Box 2 allows us the freedom to work within our existing workflow without any disruption to bring engaging content into our live productions for a bold on-air presentation.”
“Having worked with ChyronHego Finland for many years on different productions, we are extremely satisfied with the quality of its products and services,” said Kari Tiainen, production manager at Tuotantotalo Werne. “We are excited to be a part of the Nelonen project and look forward to launching Channel Box 2 to help enhance its Pro1 and Pro2 sports broadcasts.“
ChyronHego Finland has delivered the Channel Box systems and the first phase of integration is currently in progress. Pro1 and Pro2 are expected to be on air with Channel Box 2 by October 1, 2014. ChyronHego is also providing creative services to Nelonen by assisting their graphics department in the creation of fresh channel branding elements.
The Channel Box 2 channel branding system features 2D/3D design with a complete data acquisition toolset for all branding applications. Built on ChyronHego’s Lyric™ PRO technology, Channel Box 2 captures and keeps viewers by delivering bold up-to-the-minute headlines; Now, Next, Later promos; sports scores; financial data; and weather reports. The latest Channel Box 2 software (v.5.0) features an all-new Scene Designer with a real-time canvas for getting scenes to air faster, an embedded C# development environment for limitless scene designs, an Advanced Data Object tool that allows users to acquire external data anytime, and quality assurance tools to ensure error-free scenes. The Channel Box sports data feed interface allows for the easy display of live TV sports data feeds from most major scoring systems.

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