DigiBox appoints ATG Danmon as Studio Network Solutions Channel Partner

ATG Danmon has announced the signing of a Channel Partner agreement with DigiBox, distributor of products for the broadcast, post-production and professional audio-visual markets. The agreement embraces the full range of equipment from Studio Network Solutions (SNS), a US-based developer of shared storage systems for use in video and audio content production, editing and refining.

“A lot of companies offer storage technology of one kind or another to the broadcast media market,” comments ATG Danmon head of product sales, Stuart Taylor. “In our role as a systems integrator we have explored a wide range of solutions and maintain an ongoing study of new developments in this sector. SNS storage combines all the most desirable characteristics we look for when designing a system, including reliability, ease of operation, feature flexibility, scalability and cost-efficiency. We will be offering SNS servers both standalone and, where appropriate, as elements of potential new systems.”

“ATG Danmon has already deployed SNS storage in a number of successful projects both in the UK and overseas,” adds DigiBox sales account manager Scott Noble. “As a channel partner it will have greater access to the SNS knowledge base while at the same time increasing global awareness of the SNS brand. It is a positive move for all three parties and will certainly benefit ATG Danmon customers.”

The SNS product range centres on the EVO shared storage workflow server which is available in various sizes and capacities, from the 1U EVO Prodigy for studios with limited rack space or for field use up to the EVO 16 Bay which can accommodate 80 drives per managed system, 28 GbE ports, 12 Fibre Channel ports and multiple 10 Gb Ethernet ports.

Also available is the SNS EVO Nearline server, designed for use as a secondary networked-storage tier to accommodate completed projects and related media before deep archive. The EVO Nearline can be accessed easily from workstations or other servers, using normal utilities like Apple OS X Finder or Microsoft Windows Explorer. Features of SNS servers include automatic project file locking, project/bin sharing, proxy previews, asset tagging, cloud integration, RAID 5/6 and LDAP/AD.

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