Ericsson approves Imagine SelenioNext for Mediaroom

Imagine Communications’ SelenioNext live/multiscreen transcoder and Selenio Media Convergence Platform (MCP) Encoder have been approved for use with Ericsson Mediaroom Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) platforms. These transcoding and encoding products bring reliability, density and cost-efficiency to IPTV and TV Everywhere deployments, and are now applicable to the global Ericsson Mediaroom ecosystem.

“Our customers, partners and the industry as a whole require leaders that help them transform the way video is delivered, monetised and consumed, while providing a blueprint for the network architecture of the future,” said Charlie Vogt, CEO, Imagine Communications. “Ericsson Mediaroom is one of the largest middleware providers in the world, and this validation ensures the interoperability of Imagine Communications’ leading technologies, extending our footprint across the worldwide IPTV market.”

SelenioNext and Selenio MCP are the latest Imagine Communications products to be Ericsson Mediaroom approved. Imagine Communications’ SelenioNext high-density adaptive bit rate (ABR) transcoding technology offers up to ten times the density and power saving than competitive solutions, replacing an entire headend of video processing in a single platform. Integrating multiple functions in a single COTS server platform, SelenioNext enables service providers to efficiently ingest precompressed services and transcode, package, encrypt and stream multiscreen, multi-device video.

With this approval, Ericsson Mediaroom customers are now able to bring best in class video quality encoding of the Selenio MCP ENC1 into their ecosystem. In addition to delivering an enhanced user experience for their customers via improving the overall video quality at the same datarate, they can rest assure that the Imagine Communications encoders and transcoders will work within their environment with this validation.

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