EVS Media Infrastructure adopts intoPIX JPEG-XS for Neuron

EVS Media Infrastructure (formerly Axon) has chosen to include intoPIX TICO-XS in its Neuron range. Designed around IP technology, Neuron solves processing tasks a broadcaster encounters in the IP and legacy domains, enabling multiple channels in a single device.

With the JPEG-XS option powered by intoPIX, EVS Media Infrastructure Neuron product range is enhanced with compression and decompression functionality. JPEG-XS is the new standard created for latency-critical applications. It offers lossless quality video compression at very low complexity and low power consumption. Latency is as low as a few lines of pixels, so less than one millisecond to encode and to decode a video stream with 8:1 -10:1 compression ratio.

The Neuron JPEG-XS encoder and decoder run on the same hardware as Neuron’s general processing module. By uploading different firmware to this board, up to eight HD encoders/decoders or up to four UHD encoders/ decoders can be added.

The inputs and outputs of the 16 processing paths can be freely configured to use SDI, ST2022 or ST2110 or (de)compressed JPEG XS feeds. This means when you enable for example four HD encoders and four HD decoders, you have eight paths left for SDI to IP, IP to SDI or IP to IP processing.

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