Fujifilm launches Fujinon HZK24-300mm

Fujifilm has launched the Fujinon HZK24-300mm, known as the Duvo Portable, the first portable model of the Duvo series of broadcast zoom lenses that provide both cinematic visual expressions and the operating style of broadcast lenses.

The HZK24-300mm is a dual-format lens supporting two types of large image sensors. The lens is equipped with a 12.5x zoom lens that covers the focal length range of 24-300mm frequently used in the field, yet it is compact and lightweight with a length of 270.5mm and a weight of 2.95kg, providing high portability.

The Duvo Portable can accommodate a wide range of shooting styles, including shooting with a steady cam or crane as well as a tripod. It enables cinematic visual expression by taking advantage of the bokeh effect created by the shallow depth of field in shooting sports, live music, reality shows and various other genres.

Today, the broadcast industry is increasingly embracing cameras equipped with a large sensor typically used for cinematic applications, in order to produce immersive images with bokeh and high dynamic range. Accordingly, cinema camera lenses that support a large sensor are often used for shooting. However, such lenses are optimised for films and TV commercial applications and therefore have a limited zoom magnification range compared to broadcast lenses. They also require a dedicated focus operator, which is uncommon in the broadcast industry. Fujifilm’s Duvo series of broadcast zoom lenses employ a dual-format system compatible with two large sensors, offering both cinema-like image expression and the operability of a broadcast lens.

The Fujinon HZK24-300mm will be showcased at the 2024 NAB Show, alongside the HZK Wide, a portable wide-angle zoom lens with a focal length of 14-100mm.

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