L-S-B Broadcast Technologies showcases IP-routing solutions

L-S-B Broadcast Technologies will be showcasing solutions for IP routing and control using the VSM system.

As IP infrastructure becomes more prevalent in production and distribution in the broadcasting industry the changes to production units – whether studio, MCR or OB van – in terms of the way they look and how they operate will be massive. The IP technology suspends the previous direct connection between signals and the infrastructure, and increases flexibility in terms of workflows, the hardware used and complexity of broadcasting facilities.

With its technology L-S-B offers customers a secure solution and strategy to master this transition to an IP based broadcasting world and to safeguard past and future investment.

Thanks to the VSM system the comprehensive control of broadcasting facilities is already a reality, irrespective of the hardware employed. Furthermore, the VSM system now has an added IP functionality enabling connection to the VSM system in IP-based networks, in a similar way to integrating a router. The VSM controls IP networks and signals through the direct connection and control of media converters, such as the Lawo V_Link4. The new VSM IP routing functionality ensures that the signals are routed within the IP network.

Visitors to the IBC can see a live demonstration of how signals are controlled and routed within the IP network on a demo-wall on the L-S-B stand. Multiple Lawo V_Link4 connections with the VSM are used to show functionalities including multiviewer switchovers and signal switching within IP networks.

In the future it is envisaged that the VSM system will have even greater functionality, enabling customers to keep the workflows they have used up to now and implement them easily in a new IP-based infrastructure.

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