NAB 2018: MRMC focuses on automated image capture for live sport

Nikon-owned camera robotics company Mark Roberts Motion Capture (MRMC) will use NAB to launch a number of automated image capture products and solutions for sports venues and broadcasters.

Polycam Chat is for use in small-scale studio environments and uses face detection in combination with limb recognition to automate the camera operation for up to four presenters and guests in one studio. It can be used with a number of different broadcast cameras as well as Nikon DSLR cameras.

“Clubs, leagues and venues know that an automated, high-mounted and wide-angle video analysis solution gives the advantage at game time,” said Assaff Rawner, managing director at MRMC.

The Polycam Player is a robotic video capture system that uses ChyronHego’s TRACAB player tracking solution and physically moves a camera and adjusts the zoom and focus to automatically keep a team or player in the frame.

It is said to mimic the natural movement of a camera operator from locations which would be impossible to physically put a human. According to MRMC, this technology “gives clubs the ability to analyse opponents, monitor players and strategise with unprecedented information, all while providing broadcasters with additional low-cost camera angles to enhance content.”

Four camera positions are available at launch; two high-end zone cameras (high behinds), a high centre-line camera (tactical) and a player tracking camera.

The individual player-tracking option includes live composition control. This allows the operator to tightly frame the player and dynamically adjust the framing while continuing to automatically follow the player.

In addition, in order to give broadcasters better control of their content, MRMC is releasing software updates to MHC (Multi Head Controller) including a new feature called the Multiviewer Skin. This gives clubs and broadcasters the ability to remotely control up to 12 multiple cameras straight from a single multiviewer touch interface.

“The new offerings provide more angles and creative control of image and video capture at sports venues, providing cost-effective and reliable solutions,” added Rawner. 

“Nowhere else is the cutting edge of capture technology on display more than solutions for live sports. Broadcasters and sports clubs need high-speed precision, flawless control and unquestionable reliability. MRMC has therefore created solutions that can deliver on the increasing demands for alternate multi-view perspectives and analysis systems.”

Also at NAB, MRMC will be showcasing remotely controlled full-live colour adjustment for the Nikon D5 DSLR camera.

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