NAB Preview Part Five

The last preview before the broadcast industry up sticks and heads for Vegas. Stay tuned though for plenty more to come live from the showfloor over on the US SVG site.

CAMERON PACE Group (CPG) will unveil its latest solutions that make 3D profitable for broadcasters and filmmakers. ShadowCam, FrameLinking, Smart Rigs, and ShadowVision are all proven technology products where the need for additional personnel is significantly reduced. As a solution provider, CPG creates integrated products that work seamlessly with the 2D production.

CPG enables broadcasters to increase revenue by integrating 3D into their current 2D business model. Using its production solutions on hundreds of live-event broadcasts and dozens of theatrical features, CPG is leading the industry towards ubiquitous 5D (simultaneous 2D and 3D) production. As a single production with simultaneous 2D and 3D broadcast, CPG is enabling 3D content and channels to expand worldwide.

Axon will introduce new Synapse modules including the SLD100 – a long time SD-SDI uncompressed video delay. This compact module can store and delay up to one hour of SD material including all blanking as RAW data. The unit can be used for +1 hour broadcasts, +2 hour broadcasts, time zone compensation, contribution backhaul delay, or for profanity checks.

Also new to Synapse is the integration of Civolution’s award-winning SyncNow – 2nd screen solution. This system, which integrates on the client side, enables identification and synchronization between broadcast, on-demand or recorded television content and interactive applications on companion devices (tablets, smart phones, laptops) to present compelling synchronized interactive user experiences including auto-check-in.

FOR-A will introduce several new products. Designed around the company’s theme of “Continuous Innovation,” its booth will include a demonstration area as well as “islands” to showcase video switchers, processors, file-based products, and specialty live demonstrations.

“NAB remains an excellent venue for us to showcase our latest products and technologies to broadcasters and other video professionals,” said Pedro Silvestre, sales director for FOR-A Corporation of America. “This year, we’ll unveil a new entry in our popular line of compact video switchers, as well as a new LTO-5 server that will set a new benchmark for LTO-5 file storage. Our innovative, new products, as well as some very dynamic technology demonstrations, will show our commitment to continuous innovation.”

Tata Communications will be showcasing Mosaic, a cloud-based media asset management service that stores content and delivers flexible workflows, as well as its CDN service, which includes live global broadcast capabilities.

LiveU will demonstrate its new powerful multi-core, distributed processing LU60 Professional-Grade Backpack for excellent video quality and improved wireless bandwidth utilization; as well as a range of innovative features and capabilities, including extra-strong resiliency for extreme conditions (crowded urban areas etc.) in conjunction with LiveU’s proven sub-second delay. Also at NAB will be the high-quality LU40i Handheld Device, weighing less than 700g, with SDI, analogue and HDMI outputs. With up to six network connections, the bonded LU40i offers 4G LTE/3G, WiMAX, Wi-Fi and LAN video transmission in a substantially smaller form factor.

Hego will show its diverse product lines, ranging from the sophisticated continuous rendering engine GS2, through to the realtime player and ball tracking system Tracab, already proven on many thousands of the world’s top sporting events and able to provide live performance metrics for Football to Lacrosse, Tennis to Ice Hockey, Baseball to Basketball — all in full 3D space. The company will also show its range of AKI sensor-less virtual graphics and telestration products that, through real-time image processing techniques, provide broadcasters with cost-effective delivery of the very best in sports enhancements to live TV coverage and near-live analysis segments.

For the Hego Group, this year’s NAB represents a major milestone in the company’s continued international growth since establishing its presence in the Americas market this year. This will be the first show for Hego US representing the Group.

And Harris Corporation will introduce two systems for demanding live broadcast graphics that boost creativity and productivity for on-air broadcast and other video productions across all budgets. The new Inscriber G8 and TitleOne AE real-time graphics production systems share a design philosophy that leverages next-generation hardware platforms for advanced graphics processing and increased storage performance — maximizing ease of use and operational efficiency. Both support proven, mature graphics production workflows for off-line and on-air graphics creation, graphics template and database management, and automation control.

“Live graphics have become essential to differentiating TV shows and broadcast networks, as well as enticing and informing viewers,” said Harris Morris, president, Harris Broadcast Communications. “By employing powerful, next-generation hardware platforms and cutting-edge graphics software, these systems boost creativity and productivity while giving users the freedom to create innovative new looks and effects that enhance the viewer experience.”



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