Promethean TV introduces new Sports Stats Overlay to enhance viewer experience

Promethean TV, a digital solution to drive ROI from broadcast and interactive video, has introduced a new Sports Stats Overlay that will allow audiences to ‘lean in’ to the match experience from the comfort of their own home.

With an immersive set of touchscreen statistics, viewers will be able to feel every second, diving deeper into a player’s performance across each game.

With stadium sports returning from hiatus or waiting for the whistle to recommence, it is up to broadcasters to create the atmosphere of a packed stadium and drive engagement for adrenaline-starved fans. With that core thesis in mind, Promethean TV has developed overlays that allow users to access real time statistics for the game or league they are watching without leaving the video stream.

Available stats include: live scores and league table updates, team line ups, individual player statistics, and detailed head to head statistics for the teams featured in the broadcast.

Promethean TV’s Ignite Video product is an online solution for providing interactive video on web, mobile and over the top (OTT) platforms. The toolset allows users to place contextual and relevant overlays in real time, delivering engaging customer interactions and driving measurable ROI. Users can also create and manage overlays remotely, with scheduled activation programming for video on demand (VoD) and real time publishing for live streams.

Click through rates on previous overlays like polls or ad campaigns have been up to 22%.

For viewers, the new Sports Stats Overlay provides a mechanism to engage with sponsored messages, enter competitions, share opinions in polls, and even make purchases directly from within the live stream, all without missing a beat of the action.

From a broadcaster’s standpoint, it will provide a way to further engage their audiences with branded stats experiences, in addition to the broadcast itself, that can be sold as part of a digital advertising campaign.

“The global pandemic has necessitated all manner of video innovation; we are entering an era where future trends are accelerating towards us. We’re delighted to be at the forefront of delivering a virtual resolution to the problems of the sporting industry. Promethean’s Ignite Video overlays are designed to be the next best thing to actually being in a stadium, a literal touchpoint for fans,” commented Ian Sharpe, CEO at Promethean TV.

“We have a passion for innovation in video and want to offer a solution that helps sport broadcasters to further engage with their audiences. They can’t afford to press pause when digital transformation is fast forwarding all around us,” he concluded.

Promethean TV is currently working with True Digital Group to deliver a ‘new normal’ for viewers of the English Premier League in South East Asia. The Sports Stats Overlay is set to be included as one the key line items in the group’s digital advertising inventory, which will be offered to major brands within their region for the 2020/2021 season.

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