Ross Video ships Inception V9 for newsroom and social media

Ross Video Inception version 9.0, first announced at NAB 2015, has shipped and is available for both new and existing customers on an active maintenance plan. Version 9 further expands upon the browser-based newsroom and social media platform, offering a new instant messaging system, and further improving customisation with the addition of columns and validators that can be tailored to various environments for the specific needs and desires of your news environment.

“We’re breaking new ground and have designed a product that meets the needs of news in the 21st century. The features in Inception v9 have been driven by requests from our rapidly growing customer base,” said Shawn Snider, Marketing Product Manager for Inception. “We are delighted to be able to respond quickly to customer feature requests, and the new platform that Inception is built on permits us to do just that. With flexible workflows and social media built right into the core, Inception is an entirely browser-based, platform agnostic environment that users can access from both the newsroom and in the field.”

Inception News is one of the fastest growing news products on the market, due in part to its modern news workflows, tightly integrated social media capabilities, and easy-to-learn browser-based interface. Inception, reporters can quickly create multi-platform content destined for broadcast, social media, and the Web, and plan their day with a rich assignment management interface. In addition to managing news wires, reporters can also leverage social media for news gathering, create geo-targeted searches for relevant keywords within the news environment, or bring social media content right into the production with a simple drag and drop interface.

Inception version 9 is introducing an integrated notification and instant messaging system, permitting users to quickly communicate directly within the newsroom. Users can quickly send one-on-one messages, engage in group chats and virtual meetings, or even share documents and photos right within the conversation. Furthermore, Inception brings context to content creation, with the ability for users working with running orders, assignments, playlists, or stories to instantly converse with anyone else viewing that content. This conversation is then permanently linked to the content, and will be archived alongside the story or rundown.

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