Slate Digital and Solid State Logic join forces on subscriptions

Slate Digital and Solid State Logic (SSL) have collaborated to introduce a limited-time offer for customers to access both of their subscriptions for $14.99 per month, plus local tax.

This offer is available on their joint subscription platform, allowing customers to retain access to the combined ‘complete access’ package indefinitely with a continuously renewed subscription.

The ‘complete access’ subscription includes two packages: Slate Digital’s ‘All Access Pass’ and SSL’s ‘SSL Complete.’

Slate Digital’s offering comprises over 60 processing and creative instrument plug-ins, including the VIRTU assisted mastering platform, royalty-free audio samples, exclusive packs with presets, and access to professional tutorials. SSL Complete offers 30+ SSL modelled consoles, compressors, equalisers, reverbs, and delays, along with updated plug-ins from the recent acquisition of Harrison Audio.

Slate Digital has also released the Heatwave plug-in, a free transient-preserving saturator, and the Strongroom London Expansion pack for their ML-1 modelling microphone, priced at an introductory offer of $99, featuring five new exclusive mic models from the Strongroom microphone locker.

Solid State Logic will release a new plug-in on November 22nd, perpetually added to their subscription plan and the ‘complete access’ package.

The ‘complete access’ offer is exclusively available to new subscribers from November 20th until November 28th, midnight PST.

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