Soliton Systems confirms three new resellers in one month

Soliton Systems, the leading manufacturer of mobile H265 encoding solutions for streaming live events over the mobile phone network, has signed up three new resellers in just the last month.

Soliton, which opened its European Headquarters at the end of last year in 2015, has just signed new resellers in Sweden, Romania and Germany. The Japanese company is the only manufacturer of mobile H265 bonded technology for use over 3G and 4G networks and is seeing a big increase in user take-up.

H265 HEVC hardware encoders provide 50% more efficiency in the usage of carrier bandwidth compared to traditional solutions such as the H264/Mpeg 4 solutions. Typically used for news and sports gathering for video contribution, they provide live camera streaming and are a low cost alternative to using Outside Broadcast (OB) trucks and satellite services.

“Given it is sometimes difficult to guarantee quality of service on the mobile phone network, our flagship Zao product can maintain a stream of high quality HD video even in very low bandwidth situations,” comments Mark Andrews, sales manager at Soliton Europe.

“As a consequence we have a very unique selling proposition which I am pleased has been embraced by many of our new resellers,” continues Andrews. “We are pleased to announce Digital Video Tools from Sweden, A.F Marcotec from Romania and Presentec from Germany have committed to be resellers for us. We are very excited by our new partners.”

Göran Hasselström, managing director at DVT from Sweden, said: “We did a recent trade show demonstrating the delights of the Zao from Soliton and we were astounded by the feedback. It is a competitive market but Soliton’s unique benefits makes it a clear and real winner for us.”

Each of the resellers have an evaluation Zao that is available for testing. Interested parties should contact the reseller or Soliton about arranging a demonstration.

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