Telos Alliance unveils 25-Seven PDMX program delay manager

Telos Alliance has introduced the 25-Seven PDMX program delay manager.

PDMX is a software version of the 25-Seven PDM II program delay manager and the newest member of the PDM family of products that major broadcasters worldwide have trusted for over 15 years to keep their on-air content free from objectionable material.

PDMX is delivered as a container and can be hosted on-premises on a COTS (Commercial Off the Shelf) server, on cloud-hosted services such as AWS. It is also available on the Telos Alliance AP-3000 hardware platform.

“PDMX is the next giant step in the evolution of the program delay,” said Geoff Steadman, product manager, Omnia and 25-Seven. “It brings all the great features that broadcasters love from the PDM and PDM II hardware boxes to the pure AoIP and virtual deployment world, which is something we’re really excited about.”

PDMX offers up to 99 seconds of stereo audio delay and a ‘dump’ function that removes a user-selectable amount of audio each time the button is pressed. Alternatively, PDMX’s Overkill feature can play a show-specific fill file and play it over the dump buffer instead of collapsing the delay. Delays can be built through pre-rolling, time expansion, or by playing a locally stored audio file. Exiting a delay can be done through time compression or by using the Cough button to empty the buffer before exiting.

The patented PD-Alert feature automatically sends an email with two archived time-stamped audio files capturing both on-air and off-air audio to the program director, general manager, or other station personnel each time the Dump button is pressed.

PDMX’s algorithms deliver smooth, artifact-free audio, even when the delay buffer is being built, and even with stereo music. With its data delay features, meta-data, PAD ‘now playing’ serial data streams and Livewire GPIO closures can stay in sync with the audio.

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