Media Links To Demo ‘Live to File’ Broadcast Application

Media Links will demonstrate an innovative “live to file” broadcast application and solution at NAB 2015, booth #SU4324.

Media Links develops award-winning technology to facilitate the movement of high definition media content across IP networks. IP technology is changing broadcast technology infrastructures towards more cost-effective distribution and contribution models. At NAB, Media Links will demonstrate a “live to file” method of simplifying content ingest for contribution over IP, thus helping broadcasters utilize a more efficient workflow and find a better return on their investment.

Media Links is teaming up with a major network provider and FOR-A to demonstrate ‘live to file’ ingest of uncompressed HD-SDI video encapsulated utilizing SMPTE 2022, a standard to encapsulate high performance video signals for transport over IP networks. The major network provider and the Media Links NAB booths are connected by a 10G Ethernet path to facilitate the demonstration of live recording & capture, live to file ingest and demonstrates how the content is delivered and introduced into a broadcasters workflow. Once in a standards based file format, the process is flexible and adaptable to a given workflow. In the IP transition, support for standards is critical as it helps to ensure a complete end-to-end interoperable solution between manufacturers.

Media Links was recently awarded a 2014 Technology and Engineering Emmy Award for Standardization and Productization of JPEG2000 (J2K) Interoperability, thus demonstrating the company’s long-term dedication to IP standards and partnerships within the industry.

The key goal of the demonstration at NAB is to transition contribution video signals (compressed or uncompressed) to a file format over an IP network and move them to storage in an efficient manner. The “live to file” content is directly created from the live feed in its native compression format. This eliminates the signal degradation of multiple encoding and decoding cycles in the broadcast chain. Once in a file format, transcoding to the proper archival format can be accomplished. A “live to file” workflow offers immediate record and playout functionality of the IP stream, and delivers content directly to the studio in a format suitable for immediate editing or archiving. The content is “live” captured, compressed, and processed in a real-time manner and sent via the IP network for viewing, editing or archiving.

The ‘live to file’ application made possible by the Media Links video over IP solutions creates a critical bridge between live broadcasting and file-based workflows. The technology sets the stage for improved workflow efficiencies for scalability, enhanced flexibility and efficiencies, as well as overall improved productivity.

Media Links’ renowned video over IP media transport and switching solutions facilitate the transport of high-value media content and data over long distance networks. The Company’s solutions are deployed globally by broadcasters and major telecoms and recently have been used to provide live content contribution for the Sochi Winter games and World Cup soccer, experiencing 100% uptime.

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