Aveco delivers flexible solutions to studio, news, and master control needs

Aveco will highlight its flexible solutions for studio, news production, and master control automation at IBC. These solutions support all types of playout configuration, from the cloud, from an integrated device where everything needed is in one box, from a rack of dedicated devices, or any combination desired. Also highlighted is the combination of news production and master control in one cohesive system to improve the on-air look, to optimize workflows, as well as the use of facility, staff, and equipment resources.

Aveco’s unique automation architecture has been supporting cloud-based designs for 22 years; long before it was called “the cloud.” Using a client/server networked approach, cloud-based multichannel playout solutions have been delivered for regional ad insertion, regional newscasts, centralcasting, and other distributed models such as ingest and playout from different locations.

“The ability to have an automation system that is not tied to physical locations provides media organizations with a great number of options to optimize their operations” says Pavel Potuzak, Managing Director for Aveco. “It also facilitates growth and integrating the latest technology as we support any combination of cloud, integrated, and rack solutions so as you upgrade your technology, you can move from a rack of equipment to integrated “in-a-box” solutions, or to a cloud architecture over time.”

Aveco’s ASTRA automation tools provide the unique capability to combine master control and news production in one system running on the same hardware and interfacing to both NRCS and traffic systems.

“Have you ever asked yourself why you have two control rooms, two sets of staff and an intercom to communicate when to play media clips to air?” says Pavel Potuzak. “Tradition is the answer, not technology. We combine our PCR and MCR automation systems into one, so that cues between both are automated and tighter, media management is smoother, the on-air look is better, you can do remote news production along with MCR centralcasting, and handle both news and advertising. There is less hardware, less staff, and huge cost savings.”

While Aveco has the industry’s largest library of interfaces, including most every piece of broadcast equipment in MCRs, PCRs, and studios, it also provides the industry’s first news studio-in-a-box and the industry’s most advanced integrated playout. Redwood Studio and Redwood Play are cost-effective and scalable solutions for smaller news studio automation applications, and integrated master control playout – with local control, remote control and cloud-based operation available.

Redwood Studio is a News Studio-in-a-Box specifically designed for the complexity of news offering high-end production capability in a CAPEX and OPEX optimized package. The company says it is an ideal solution for regional news bureaus producing news for their primary outlet, and acting as a single integrated organism distributing content across the country. It can be used in multi-studio complexes where large studios are traditionally equipped, while small studios use Redwood Studio, with all the studio control rooms using the same Aveco GUI, minimizing the need for additional operator training.

Redwood Studio includes production automation, four or eight input production switcher, eight or 12 DVEs, four channel HD video player, graphics, audio mixer, four stereo channel audio players, four mic and four line external audio, 4 TB internal storage, and PTZ robotic camera control in one 4 RU frame. A bi-directional MOS interface is provided with major newsroom systems including ENPS, iNEWS, Octopus, OpenMedia, Gorilla and others.

Redwood Play is an integrated master control playout system with the same production power applied to on-air branding. It integrates with all major traffic systems and provides local, remote or cloud-based operation.

Aveco will be exhibiting at IBC 2014 in Amsterdam in Booth # 3.B67.

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