Whitepaper: Amagi Global FAST Report shows rise in FAST adoption

As Free Ad-supported Streaming TV (FAST) emerges as a sought-after streaming model among viewers, Amagi has crunched the numbers to identify the driving growth forces in its latest Global FAST Report.

Between Q1 2023 and 2024, FAST saw a 35% increase in ad impressions, a 28% increase in channel growth, and a 42% rise in Hours of Viewing (HOV). FAST channels are becoming increasingly popular in the US, with 33% of households tuning in more than five times a week and 41% watching 2-4 times a week. This represents a significant 33% rise in FAST adoption compared to the January 2024 survey.

“Data should encourage talent agencies and owners of entertainment content that FAST is a viable arena to embrace and be a part of. It should also help media buyers better understand what is available on FAST and draw logical conclusions. A full picture of FAST viewership can emerge that will not only help guide better content decisions but also provide better data to advertisers, boosting the value of FAST and strengthening the industry,” said Gavin Bridge, VP, media research at CRG Global.

Amagi’s reports helps readers discover the three critical pillars of FAST measurement and strategies to optimise them; learn how unlocking the potential of owned and operated (O&O) FAST channels drives better revenue opportunities; and get a closer view of trending genres across diverse geographies.

Download the whitepaper now.

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