BVE 2014: Bluebell Opticom to introduce new transport platform for OB, infrastructure projects

BVE 2014 will see the introduction of a new signal transport platform for OB and infrastructure applications. With the drive to 4K and 3G systems the PW140 Series from Bluebell offers a universal SDI signal transport over fibre in a compact 1RU frame.

At the heart of the system is a processor which provides simultaneous multiplexing and de-multiplexing of the signals presented to it from the input/output cards. The initial base configuration provides 6 x bidirectional HD-SDI signals over 2 fibres or 10G Ethernet. With the addition of audio, data and Ethernet I/O cards, the PW Series offers an optical backbone for all demanding signal transport applications. When used with CWDM optical multiplexing 96 x HD-SDI signals can be transported over a single fibre.

Bluebell Opticom will also be demonstrating Net Caddie, a new compact camera interface using the “Stagebox by BBC Research & Development” technology. Net Caddie allows HD-SDI to be injected directly into a standard network environment, bringing IP to the camera.  Net Caddie transforms the entire camera’s bidirectional linear control, audio and video signals into packet based IP protocols, all on a single Cat6 cable to simplify workflows and rigging.  Operators can now plug cameras direct into a venues Gigabit infrastructure for the distribution of live camera feeds.  By using “Stagebox by BBC Research & Development” technology with 100MB/s AVC-I compression, the HD-SDI is converted and carried over the network in full broadcast quality video. This allows a remote camera to be used directly in the production environment and provides video, audio and ancillary information over a time synchronous network. Most importantly the system is completely synchronised providing an IP equivalent to a genlocked SDI system.

BVE will also see the launch of an extensive range of standalone products, including the new BlueLite and Caddie-LB 3G, specifically designed for OB and deployable applications. The company will also be showing new enhancements to the popular BC Series, a complete suite of fibre optic interfaces to suit all current and projected broadcast standards.

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