Caton Technology joins SVG Europe as a Gold sponsor

Wong: “Audience expectations are growing considerably when it comes to consuming live sports content”

Caton Technology, an industry leader in the field of next-generation IP network transport solutions, has joined SVG Europe as a Gold sponsor.

Innovations from the company include the CatonNet Video Platform (CVP), which provides a fully managed IP network employing Caton Transport Protocols for highly resilient and secure connectivity. It is employed by major content creators, broadcasters, satellite operators and service providers.

The company also offers a low-cost cloud storage service with secure, durable and flexible storage for data backup and archiving through its partner service ArkHub. Powered by Cydex – a technology for secure, fast access anywhere in the world – ArkHub has a simplified pricing model that allows users to store data at a monthly storage cost with no additional charges for ingress or egress, no early deletion/embargo fees and no region fees.

Discussing the decision to join SVG Europe, Gerald Wong, senior vice president, global operations, Caton Technology, said: “It has always been the case that sport has been the primary driver of innovation in media technology. More cameras, immersive sound, multiple replays, insightful graphics, expert commentary: each development has increased the audience’s demand for more.

“SVG Europe is a unique and powerful body. It brings together developers, manufacturers and integrators on the one side; the broadcasters, sports federations and content platforms on the other, for open, supportive debate and engagement.

“At Caton, live sport continues to be an important business we support. Audience expectations are growing considerably when it comes to consuming live sports content, and for broadcasters this means delivering a better experience but remaining competitive in price. SVG Europe provides a forum to discuss what works today and what will be needed tomorrow, and it allows us to talk about what we can do to engage and satisfy audiences. We are proud to support the work of SVG Europe.”

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