Clear-Com systems installed permanently at three Sochi venues

Intercom technology developed by Clear-Com is proving to be integral to the successful running of the 2014 Winter Games, with systems installed permanently at a trio of indoor sporting venues. Deployed for production communications throughout the current event, the systems will remain in situ post-Olympics for future sporting tournaments and live music performances.

Clear-Com has furnished SVG Europe with a detailed spec of the Clear-Com equipment installed at Bolshoy Ice Dome, Russki Gorki Jumping Centre and Sanki Sliding Centre.

At Bolshoy, the extensive Clear-Com spec includes: an Eclipse HX-PiCo digital matrix system; seven V-Series key panels (located at the following positions: Timing Judge, Informer Judge, SlowMotion Operators, Audio Producer, Stage Operator, reserve); two Tempest 2400 Base Stations (linked via 4-wire to the PiCo); and ten Tempest 2400 wireless belt stations.

Sanki Sliding Centre, meanwhile, features a Clear-Com line-up comprising: an Eclipse HX-Omega digital matrix system; no fewer than 11 V-Series key panels (located at the following positions: Judges, Security Service Rooms, Central Communication Room, External Line Room, Results Processing, Security Guards, Timing Room, Project Managers, Audio Producer, Video Producer); seven V-Series desktop panels (located at Junior Start, Training Start, Tourist Start, Men’s Start Position, Women’s Start Position, Ammoniac Station, Weigh Building); IMF-3 with five FOR-22 interface modules to provide 4-wire lines; and FreeSpeak Integra using EQ for 16 wireless beltpack connections on the BOB route.

Further underlining Clear-Com’s role in the Games, the Russki Gorki also incorporates a substantial inventory of the company’s equipment including: Eclipse HX-Median digital matrix system; eight V-Series key panels; an IMF-3 frame with five CCI-22 interface modules for connecting with analogue systems; and four PS-704 power supplies for 32 analogue beltpacks.

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